Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



Dinard – July 1965

  by Allan Millington



Just to begin – my memories are dim, but I will do my best!

I took my A levels in 1965, and immediately afterwards left GGS to take up a job with a local firm of Chartered Accountants. Leaving school and starting to earn a wage was important at the time. However, after only a few weeks of work I took annual leave (don’t think I was paid for it though!) and joined the school trip to Dinard. We travelled overnight by coach to Lympne in Kent – a grass airfield with World War II connections - look it up on Wikipedia – it has an interesting past!

When we arrived at Lympne it turned out the owner/manager was from Oldham, and he decided it would be much better not to put us on the ex-war DC3, and we should wait for the much more modern Vickers Viscount. A delay, but time for some breakfast and a look around the gardens...



David (DJ) Hirst,  Joyce Eastwood,  Pauline Wood,  Ian Chidgey


The hotel in Dinard was in the main square. Several roads entered the square, and even in those days there was a fair degree of risk in trying to get from one side to the other.



(standing)  Ian Chidgey,  David (DJ) Hirst,  Mr. Eric Thompson
(seated)   Mr. David Prenton,  Pauline Wood,  Joyce Eastwood,  ????




  ????,  Mr. David Prenton,  Miss Gardner,  Mr. Frank Briggs,  Mr. Eric Thompson


I don’t remember the order of events on the trip, but a number of things stick in my mind:
We took a trip on a river boat to look at the work going on at the time to construct the dam on the river Rance. This was a huge hydro-electric project designed to take advantage of the high tidal flow on the Brittany coast to drive the turbines. The incoming tide pushed water into the river and turned the turbines. During ‘slack tide’ the turbines were used to pump more water up the river. When the tide turned the water flowed out to sea again, passing through the turbines once again. I remember being impressed by the size of the dam wall, but am sad to say I can’t find the photo - but see later for my recent ones.



  Mr. Frank Briggs,  Mr. David Prenton,  Mr. Eric Thompson,  Miss Gardner


Another trip was to Mont St Michel – sitting on the border of Brittany and Normandy – and at that time accessible only at low tide.




Evening entertainment was in the hotel, and I well remember a late night with the staff for the few 6th formers on the trip. Eric Thompson decided it would be a good idea to sample a few of the French liqueurs. We went through crème de menthe, chocolat,  banane,  peche, and goodness knows what else before the night was over! Bad heads the following morning!
On a holiday to France a couple of years ago I revisited Dinard.  It was quite a nostalgic trip. We drove around the town and across the dam, but difficult to relate the then with now!  Nevertheless, a couple of photos of the dam:-







 As I said earlier, I had already left GGS. There were only a few 6th form students on the trip – me, David Hirst, Joyce Eastwood, Ian Chidgey, Pauline Wood – it would be good to hear from any of them if they are still in touch, and also to have comment from any others who were on the trip – I am sure that a lot of memories could be revived!




????,  Pauline Wood,  Ian Chidgey,  David (DJ) Hirst,  Joyce Eastwood


Allan Millington