Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



The School Visit to

Calella de la Costa,

Spain 1962





This article comes to us from Jenny Bee - or more accurately. straight from her annotated photo album, which she made after she returned home.  All the photographs are scanned from that album, and everything in blue text is a straight copy of her hand-written annotations, for example:-




Normal (black) text is her recent comment.


The article is in several sections.  To navigate, either select the appropriate section from the Index at the top right of each page, or use the   <  - Next>> at the bottom of each page, 


We are grateful to Jenny for keeping this record safely for nearly half a century, and thank her for sharing it with us now.



"2nd August 2010
If anyone else has snaps taken during this holiday, please feel free to add them to my offerings.
Unfortunately I seem to have been more interested in snapping architecture rather than people.
Perhaps others can fill in for my lack of portraits.