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Greenhillian Magazines



GreenhillianThe Greenhillian Magazine was published nominally once per year, although the publication date was rather erratic.

A surprisingly large number of copies have survived.  We are extremely fortunate in that we have been able to obtain copies of every one of the 13 issues that were ever published - we have the full set, in fact!

All the volumes have been loaned to Kevin Dronsfield at some time, and he has scanned them and converted the scans to .pdf (Portable Document Format) documents.  These are effectively detailed photocopies of the magazines.  They are very large files (long download times) but can be dowloaded by foloowing the "PDF Downloads" button on the menu..

The versions accessible via the appropriate buttons on the menu under "Greenhillians" have been converted to a much more convenient web format by Ken Rodgers.  Simply click on the issue no. that you wish to read.

There is a volume index at the top right corner of each page, which will take you direct to any particular secton of the magazine.

There is likely to be more than one page in each section and you can move through these by using the << Prev - Next>> links at the bottom of each page.

To select a different issue, simply use the menu on the left.