Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

Speech Day Programmes


pastarchivesSpeech Day was really Speech Night, of course.  In Greenhill days, it was always at Hill Stores, always (except for 1952) in November, always started at either 7.15 or 7.30.


It always seemed worthwhile to be giving up a whole evening of our own time, in that the Guest of Honour was always prompted to request (and the request was always granted) a day's holiday in honour of the occasion.  I'm still of the opinion that although the holiday was forthcoming, it came out of the "additional days" that were at the discretion of the school, and hence, although we had a Speech Day holiday, we were "paying for it out of our own pocket"!  Perhaps that's just the cynicism that comes with old age? Smile


The following .pdf files can be downloaded by clicking on the filename.

The first one is for the Municipal High School (1938), the next two are for E.O.H.S, and the next pair (as indicated by the notes) document the transition from East Oldham High School to Counthill.


 Loaned by      File        Notes

Nov. 1938

 Jill Platt (Gurney)


(Municipal High School)

Nov. 1939

 Anonymous  SD1939HS.pdf (Municipal High School)

Feb. 1950

 Derrick McGarry  SD1949EOHS.pdf (E.O.H.S,  School Year 1948/49)

Dec. 1950

 Brian Millward



Feb. 1952 

 Brian Millward


(Counthill, but refs. E.O.H.S.  1950-51)

Dec. 1952 

 Brian Millward


(Counthill, but 2nd year there for
   many from E.O.H.S.)

Dec. 1952 

 Frank McCandlish



Nov. 1953

 Frank McCandlish


Nov. 1954

 Frank McCandlish


Nov. 1955

 Ken Rodgers



Nov. 1956

 Ken Rodgers



Nov. 1957

 Ken Rodgers



Nov. 1958

 Joyce Bayley



Nov. 1959

 Ken Rodgers



Nov. 1960

 Isabel Lunn



Nov. 1961

 Ken Rodgers



Nov. 1962

 Ken Rodgers



Nov. 1963

 Isabel Lunn



Nov. 1964

 Isabel Lunn



Nov. 1965

 Isabel Lunn



Apr. 1967

 Isabel Lunn


First Kaskenmoor Speech Day -
Awards relate to final year (1966) of Greenhill

Apr. 1968 Stephen Barnes  SD1967.pdf