Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

History of the School


pastarchivesWe use this section as a "catch all" to list any documents pertaining to the history of the school, and for which there is no other obvious heading.  By its very nature, this section is expected to grow over time as other documents become available.

The intention is that such documents should be "web-readable", and also "download-able" so that visitors can obtain a hard copy for retention.  Where possible, we hope to make these available in at least PDF format.


They're Closing the Old School Down

An essay by Rod Ashworth, who was Deputy Head when he wrote it in 1978.

It is quite lengthy, but it is a well-researched piece which goes into fascinating detail about "The Good Old Days", and is a very readable account of the school from its opening in 1903 to its closure in 1978.

The document itself was handed out at an Open Day at the Old School in 1978.  The meeting was advertised in the Oldham Evening Chronicle, and attended by a number of the old staff and students.  Certainly, we know that Ron Wells and Harry Martin were there; also there were David and Val Webster.  We hope that they and others will (even after 30 years!) be able to bring to us for publication an eye-witness account of the proceedings that day.  Read more.....


1999 - Ron Wells' Essay

Titled "The West Oldham High and Greenhill Grammar Schools, and their Place in Mid-Century Educational Developments", it was written by Ron in April 1999.  That year marked the 150th. anniversary of the Oldham charter as a town, and Ron was reflecting on the changes which he had seen between the 100th anniversary (1949) and the 150th that year.

Sadly, Ron passed away on 24 February 2007, and will be both sadly missed and fondly remembered by all who knew him. 

Of the essay, Frank McCandlish (Head Boy 1952-1954) wrote to us:-

"He wrote it to bring to our third reunion in 1999 just so that a record could be kept and I am sure he would be delighted for its wider publication. It does give some background to the origins of West Oldham High and I am sure it would be a useful addition to the site."

We are greatly obliged to Frank for retaining copies of so many of the documents and photographs over all these years, and for making them available to us all now.   Read more.....


Joining 1955

If one was starting at Greenhill in 1955, this was the entire "School Brochure", and the entire of the information imparted before your arrival at those hallowed gates!   Read more.....


The Move of E.O.H.S. to Counthill, 1951

This is quite a historic document.  It was preserved by Jean Tibbet (née Crowther). who donated it to O.L.S.A. and later directed us to it in the O.L.S.A. archives.  As you will see from the envelope (PDF version), this is the copy that was originally sent to Jean's parents.  We are grateful to Jean for preserving and donating it, and to O.L.S.A. for their permission to publish it here.

The letter is from the Headmaster (Allan Bradley) to parents, and is postmarked 20 July 1951.   Read more.....