Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



The School Visit

to Menton


24 July - 3 August 1961





About this document.


This is not so much a document, but rather most of Val (Stokes) Webster's scrapbook of the school trip!  Val retained a superb record of her holiday, and 47 years later has allowed us to copy it to reproduce the material here.  We are very grateful for her careful archiving, and much indebted to her.  Thank you, Val.

The basis of what you see here is a brochure of some 20 sides which was distributed to all participants.  We believe that a large part of it (certainly the notes on France) was prepared by Mrs Kuler.  In addition, there is a Forward by Mr. Higson, and several pages of advice, conversion tables and instruction.  It makes fascinating reading, and is "very much of its time".  Nearly half a century on, it brings home just how "foreign" France was in our pre-E.U. days, and what an adventure the whole trip must have been, compared with today's jaunts via motorway and Chunnel or Car Ferry.

The original brochure is available for download in PDF form here(click) .  The PDF version is (in effect) a photocopy of the original, which was produced no doubt on the mechanical typewriter of Mrs. Lees, and then duplicated on comparatively primitive equipment.  By humans, the originals are quite readable, but due to the rough paper, the mechanical typewriter, and the primitive duplicating, were a nightmare for the Optical Character Recognition software!  Nevertheless, we have stoically pressed on to translate the original into digital form so that we can present it here on the web in what is now an "indestructable", searchable and copy-able format.
In so doing, we have obviously changed fonts, changed paragraphing and page-breaks etc. to make it more readable.  That apart, it is quite faithful to the original, and contains no changes to the wording etc.  In addition to the brochure, Val had carefully preserved a set of photographs.  All the text is exactly as it was written, including sketches and cartoons, but Val's photographs and pictures have been dotted through it to turn it into a more readable document.
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Finally, a belated report of the visit was published some 14 months after the event in the 1962 Greenhillian (click here) .

We wish that we were able to locate similar archives of other holidays/visits, but fear that few if any may share Val's sense of history;  again, very many thanks, Val.