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halfway house royton

Feb. 2011 - West Oldham High School

Held at lunch-time on Wednesday 23 February at the Half Way House, Royton.   Read more.....






xKR02262x May 2010

This was a 3-day Reunion, held on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 21/22/23 May.

The six scheduled events were A visit to Uppermill, Dinner at the Roebuck, a visit to Alexandra Park, an Oldham walk, a Tapaz evening at the Grotton, and a Bardsley walkRead more.....



May 2009

Held at the Werneth Golf Club on Friday 1st. May 2009. 

Again, arranged by Val and Pam, and again with help from Steve Walton and John Barlow.    Read more.....





July 2008

Held at the Werneth Golf Club on Friday 18 July 2008

Again, arranged by Val and Pam, this time with a great deal of help from Steve Walton and John Barlow, whose good offices were central to making this latest venture so enjoyable and such a success.   Read more.....





January 2008

Held at The Roebuck Inn, Strinesdale

This was arranged very competently and very quickly by Val and Pam.
We are all much indebted to them for a great evening,   Read more.....

towerNovember 2007 (WOHS)

This Reunion of the West Oldham High School was
held in Blackpool over the weekend of 2/3 November.  

The event was well attended, and enjoyed by all.   Read more.....