Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



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1907 Building1907buildingexternalOldham LSA
1911 Building1911buildingexternalJenny Bee
1915 Buiilding1915buildingexternalMargaret Lees
1915 Girls (2)1915classunclassifiedOldham LSA
1915 Girls(1)1915classunclassifiedOldham LSA
1915 Staff 1915staffunclassifiedOldham LSA
1920 Staff1920staffunclassifiedMargaret Lees
1927 Rounders1927sportroundersStuart Vaudrey
1930 Boys (1)1930classunclassifiedSteve Owen
1930 Girls (1)1930classunclassifiedSteve Owen
Building Aerial View1934buildingexternalHistoric England
1934 Panorama1934panoramaunclassifiedJeremy Sutcliffe
1935 U III.A1935classyear 3Oldham LSA
1939 M3A1939classyear 2Frances Manning
1939 U III.A1939classyear 3Cyril Gradwell
1939 Seniors1939classyear 6Jeremy Sutcliffe
1939 U VI1939classyear 6Stewart Kent
1939 Orchestra1939entertainmentmusicJeremy Sutcliffe
1939 Guides1939miscellaneousguidesMaud Collis
1939 Netball1939sportnetballMaud Collis
1939 Girls swim1939sportswimmingMaud Collis
1939 Trophy1939sportunclassifiedJeremy Sutcliffe
1939 Staff1939staffunclassifiedJeremy Sutcliffe
1946 L III.A1946classyear 1Alan Bradbury
1946 L III.B1946classyear 1Norman Ryder
1946 L III.C1946classyear 1Barbara Howell
1946 L III.D1946classyear 1Mavis Lees
1946 M III.C1946classyear 2William Whitworth
1946 U III.A1946classyear 3Brian Millward
1946 U III.C1946classyear 3Joyce Pinder
1946 U Remove1946classyear 4Mavis Cockcroft
46 IV A1946classyear 4William Whitworth
1946 Junior Cricket1946sportcricketJack Putman
1946 Junior Soccer1946sportfootballJack Putman
1946 Sen Soccer1946sportfootballWilliam Whitworth
1946 Boys Swim1946sportswimmingNorman Ryder
1947 Arnhem 11947visitarnhemMavis Cockcroft
1947 Arnhem 21947visitarnhemMavis Cockcroft
1948 Lend a Hand1948visitunclassifiedDerrick McGarry
1949 M III B1949classyear 2Derek Thorpe
1949 M III.C1949classyear 2John Buckley
1949 U III.C1949classyear 3Barbara Howell
1949 U IIIA1949classyear 3David Barrott
1949 V.A1949classyear 5Derrick McGarry
1949 V.B1949classyear 5Brian Millward
1949 V.C Girls1949classyear 5Brian Millward
1949 Form VI. Arts 1949classyear 6Mavis Cockcroft
1949 Prefects Group1949classyear 6Vernon Oldland
1949 Recorders1949entertainmentmusicBarbara Howell
1949 John Carey1949miscellaneousunclassifiedDavid Bailey
1949 Staff1949staffunclassifiedBrian Millward
1951 Counthill1951buildingexternalMargaret Lees
1951 M III.C1951classyear 2Doreen Capewell
1951 U III.B1951classyear 3Mrs A Heness
1951 IV.A1951classyear 4Norman Colbourne
1951 IV.B1951classyear 4Derek Thorpe
1951 V.B1951classyear 5David Barrott
1951 V.C1951classyear 5Barbara Howell
1951 Form VI1951classyear 6Brian Millward
1951 Orchestra1951entertainmentmusicBarbara Howell
1951 Recorders1951entertainmentmusicDoreen Capewell
1951 HSOB1951old boysfootballStewart Kent
1951 HSOB 2nd1951old boysfootballJack Putman
1951 Sen Soccer1951sportfootballBrian Millward
1951 Staff1951staffunclassifiedBrian Millward
1952 HSOB1952old boysfootballJack Putman
1952 EOHS Pan1952panoramaunclassifiedNorman Colbourne
1952 Panorama1952panoramaunclassifiedJ & S Slater
1952 Rugby L Group1952sportrugby LBryan Elson
1953 HSOB1953old boysfootballFrank Booth
1953 u14 Rugby U1953sportrugby UDonald Heap
Cover19541954 collectionunclassifiedAlf Selby
Flyleaf19541954 collectionunclassifiedAlf Selby
Building19541954 collectionunclassifiedAlf Selby
Staff19541954 collectionunclassifiedAlf Selby
Form VI19541954 collectionyear 6Alf Selby
Form VX19541954 collectionyear 5Alf Selby
Form VY19541954 collectionyear 5Alf Selby
Form 4X19541954 collectionyear 4Alf Selby
Form 4Y19541954 collectionyear 4Alf Selby
Form 4Z19541954 collectionyear 4Alf Selby
Form 3X19541954 collectionyear 3Alf Selby
Form 3Y19541954 collectionyear 3Alf Selby
Form 3Z19541954 collectionyear 3Alf Selby
Form 2A19541954 collectionyear 2Alf Selby
Form 2B19541954 collectionyear 2Alf Selby
Form 2G19541954 collectionyear 2Alf Selby
Form 1X19541954 collectionyear 1Alf Selby
Form 1Y19541954 collectionyear 1Alf Selby
Form 1Z19541954 collectionyear 1Alf Selby
RU 1st XV19541954 collectionrugby UAlf Selby
RU u14 XV19541954 collectionrugby UAlf Selby
SR 1st XI19541954 collectionfootballAlf Selby
SR u15 XI19541954 collectionfootballAlf Selby
SR u14 XI19541954 collectionfootballAlf Selby
SR u12 XI19541954 collectionfootballAlf Selby
RL Full Squad19541954 collectionrugby LAlf Selby
Netball 1st19541954 collectionnetballAlf Selby
Netball 2nd19541954 collectionnetballAlf Selby
Hockey 1st19541954 collectionhockeyAlf Selby
Tennis Team19541954 collectiontennisAlf Selby
Rounders Team19541954 collectionroundersAlf Selby
Brown Shield19541954 collectionswimmingAlf Selby
Girls Swimming19541954 collectionswimmingAlf Selby
Boys Swimming19541954 collectionswimmingAlf Selby
Chess Group19541954 collectionchessAlf Selby
1954 Building1954buildingexternalAlf Selby
1954 I.X1954classyear 1Velma Heath
1954 I.Y1954classyear 1Anwyl Casterton
1954 I.Z1954classyear 1Alf Selby
1954 II.B1954classyear 2Alf Selby
1954 II.G1954classyear 2Alf Selby
1954 II.M1954classyear 2D & V Webster
1954 III.Y1954classyear 3Alf Selby
1954 III.X1954classyear 3J & S Slater
1954 III.Z1954classyear 3Alf Selby
1954 IV.X1954classyear 4Alf Selby
1954 IV.Y1954classyear 4Alf selby
1954 IV.Z1954classyear 4Alf selby
1954 V.X1954classyear 5Melvyn Ratcliff
1954 V.Y1954classyear 5Alf Selby
1954 Form VI1954classyear 6Alf Selby
1954 Chess1954miscellaneouschessAlf Selby
1954 Sen Soccer1954sportfootballMelvyn Ratcliff
1954 u12 Soccer1954sportfootballAlf Selby
1954 u14 Soccer1954sportfootballAlf Selby
1954 u15 Soccer1954sportfootballAlf Selby
1954 Hockey 1st1954sporthockeyAlf Selby
1954 Netball 1st1954sportnetballAlf Selby
1954 Netball 2nd1954sportnetballAlf Selby
1954 Rounders1954sportroundersAlf Selby
1954 Rugby L Squad1954sportrugby LMelvyn Ratcliff
1954 Sen Rugby U1954sportrugby UMelvyn Ratcliff
1954 u14 Rugby U1954sportrugby UAlf Selby
1954 Boys swim1954sportswimmingAlf Selby
1954 Brown Shield1954sportswimmingAlf Selby
1954 Girls Swim1954sportswimmingAnwyl Casterton
1954 Tennis1954sporttennisAlf Selby
1954 Staff1954staffunclassifiedAnwyl Casterton
1955 HSOB1955old boysfootballJack Putman
1955 Staff Soccer1955stafffootballStewart Kent
College Grounds 11955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
College Grounds 21955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
College Grounds 31955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
College Grounds 41955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
College Grounds 51955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
College Grounds 61955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
Concarneau Beach 11955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
Concarneau Beach 31955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
Concarneau Beach 41955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
Concarneau Beach 51955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
Concarneau Lads1955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
Dunking Mdme Kuler1955visitconcarneauJoan Webster
1955 Lakes Walk1955visitlakesJoan Webster
1956 1.A1956classyear 1Allan Clarke
1956 1.B1956classyear 1L & J Feeley
1956 1.C1956classyear 1D & V Webster
1956 2.A1956classyear 2Kevin Dronsfield
1956 2.B1956classyear 2Jenny Ratigan
1956 3.A1956classyear 3Joyce Bayley
1956 3.B1956classyear 3Anwyl Casterton
1956 4.Lt1956classyear 4J & S Slater
1956 VS1956classyear 5J & S Slater
1956 Choir1956entertainmentchoirJoyce Bayley
1956 Staff1956staffunclassifiedMelvyn Ratcliff
1956 Staff(2)1956staffunclassifiedL & J Feeley
St Thomas N Entire1957miscellaneousunclassifiedJoan Webster
St Thomas N Group1957miscellaneousunclassifiedJoan Webster
1957 Panorama1957panoramaunclassifiedKen Rodgers
C-shaw Boys '571957visitcastleshawD & V Webster
Cox & Handforth1957visitcastleshawLance Kershaw
Cardiff Boys1958visitcardiffLance Kershaw
Cardiff Girls1958visitcardiffJenny Ratigan
Cardiff Opening1958visitcardiffGerry Cox
Porthcawl Boys1958visitcardiffLance Kershaw
Porthcawl Group 11958visitcardiffLance Kershaw
Porthcawl Group 21958visitcardiffJenny Ratigan
C-shaw Boys '581958visitcastleshawHarvey Stott
Importance # # #1959entertainmentstageFrank Holden
1959 Junior Cricket1959sportcricketIan Barnes
1959 Easedale Tarn1959visitlakesIan Wright
1960 1A1960classyear 1Linda Robinson
1960 1B1960classyear 1Rhona Johnson
1960 1G1960classyear 1Rosemary Hughes
1960 2A1960classyear 2Roger Worthington
1960 2B1960classyear 2John Gomersall
1960 2G1960classyear 2Davia Slater
1960 3A1960classyear 3Clifford Hutchings
1960 3B1960classyear 3Carole Mills
1960 3G1960classyear 3Lynn Buckley
1960 4.Sc1960classyear 4Janet Lunn
1960 4G1960classyear 4Jenny Bee
1960 4L1960classyear 4Jean Holmes
1960 5 G1960classyear 5Jack Butterworth
1960 5 Lit1960classyear 5D & V Webster
1960 5S1960classyear 5D & V Webster
1960 6 Sc1960classyear 6Kevin Dronsfield
1960 6a Lit1960classyear 6Velma Heath
1960 6b Lit1960classyear 6Jenny Ratigan
Merchant of Venice1960entertainmentstageFrank Holden
Shylock & Tubal1960entertainmentstageFrank Holden
1960 Girls Revising1960miscellaneousunclassifiedIan Wright
1960 Sen Soccer XI1960sportfootballIan Barnes
1960 u16 Soccer1960sportfootballColin Wood
1960 Int Hock XI1960sporthockeyJean Holmes
1960 Sen Hock 1st XI1960sporthockeyVelma Heath
1960 Sen Hock 2d XI1960sporthockeyD & V Webster
1960 Jnr Netball u141960sportnetballMiss B Jones
1960 Jnr Netball u151960sportnetballMiss B Jones
1960 Sen. Netball1960sportnetballVelma Heath
1960 Boys Swim1960sportswimmingFrank Holden
1960 Girls Swim1960sportswimmingVelma Heath
1960 Int XC1960sportx countryRoger Worthington
1960 Sen XC1960sportx countryKevin Dronsfield
1960 Staff1960staffunclassifiedRobert Pestell
Cap Cur Walk1960visitcapel curigJenny Ratigan
Cap Cur Woods1960visitcapel curigJenny Ratigan
Cap Cur YHA1960visitcapel curigIan Wright
1961 Poltergeist1961entertainmentstageRoger Worthington
C-shaw Girls Concert1961visitcastleshawDavia Slater
C-shaw Girls Group1961visitcastleshawDavia Slater
1961 Menton Beach1961visitmentonJenny Bee
1961 Menton Group1961visitmentonJenny Bee
1961 Paris1961visitmentonJenny Bee
1961 San Remo1961visitmentonJenny Bee
Hotel View1961visitmentonD & V Webster
Menton Hotel1961visitmentonD & V Webster
At Tiller (1)1961visitnorfolkMichael Partington
At Tiller (2)1961visitnorfolkMichael Partington
Broads Boats (1)1961visitnorfolkMichael Partington
Broads Boats (2)1961visitnorfolkMichael Partington
Norwich Castle1961visitnorfolkMichael Partington
Oulton Station1961visitnorfolkMichael Partington
The Bickerstaffes1961visitnorfolkMichael Partington
Yarmouth Beach (1)1961visitnorfolkAlan Whitehead
Yarmouth beach (2)1961visitnorfolkMichael Partington
1962 Panorama1962panoramaunclassifiedD & V Webster
1962 Boys Swim1962sportswimmingAllan Clarke
1962 Brown Shield1962sportswimmingAllan Clarke
Beach Matador1962visitcalellaJenny Bee
Blanes Harbour1962visitcalellaJenny Bee
Calella Group1962visitcalellaJenny Bee
Callela Staff1962visitcalellaJenny Bee
Church (1)1962visitcalellaJenny Bee
Church (2)1962visitcalellaJenny Bee
Mr Stanley1962visitcalellaJenny Bee
Trad Airlines1962visitcalellaJenny Bee
1962 Knaresborough1962visitknaresboroughIsabel Lunn
At the helm1962visitthamesMichael Partington
Road (1)1962visitthamesMichael Partington
Road (2)1962visitthamesMichael Partington
Sundeck (1)1962visitthamesMichael Partington
Sundeck (2)1962visitthamesMichael Partington
Thames Boats1962visitthamesAlan Whitehead
Thames Couple1962visitthamesAlan Whitehead
Thames Mooring (1)1962visitthamesAlan Whitehead
Thames Mooring (2)1962visitthamesMichael Partington
Thames Sightseeing1962visitthamesMichael Partington
The Bickerstaffes1962visitthamesAlan Whitehead
Warning Notice1962visitthamesMichael Partington
1963 Honour Guard1963miscellaneoushockeyMiss B Jones
1963 Boys Cloaks1963miscellaneousunclassifiedJeremy Sutcliffe
1963 Boy Prefects1963miscellaneousyear 6Michael Partington
1964 Ingleton1964visitingletonIsabel Lunn
Bench Group1965visitdinardAllan Millington
Lympne Airport1965visitdinardAllan Millington
Mont St Michel1965visitdinardAllan Millington
Outside Hotel1965visitdinardAllan Millington
Staff Members1965visitdinardAllan Millington
Staff Outside Hotel1965visitdinardAllan Millington
1967 Sen Cricket1967sportcricketPhil Newton
1967 Sen Soccer1967sportfootballPhil Newton
Greengate St1976buildingexternalOldham LSA
1977 Panorama1977panoramaunclassifiedIsabel Lunn
Upper hall1978buildingupper hallIsabel Lunn
1978 Staff1978staffunclassifiedIsabel Lunn
Boys Gate 19891989buildingexternalAlan Bradbury
Girls Yard and Labs.1989buildingexternalAlan Bradbury
Main Building1989buildingexternalAlan Bradbury
GymnasiumundatedbuildinggymnasiumOldham LSA
Chem. Lab.undatedbuildinglaboratoryOldham LSA