Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



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1947 - Arnhem.

An account of the holiday, soon after the war, by  Mavis Arnold (née Cockcroft).  Mavis wrote the account in 2010, and also provided the photographs.    Read more.....





1961 - Norfolk Broads

Edward Lees' account, taken from the Greenhillian magazine, but with additional pictures.    Read more.....




1961 - Menton

The article has been prepared from a typed brochure which was at the time distributed to all participants.   Val Webster (neé Stokes) provided her own copy, along with several interspersed photographs.   Read more.....



1962 - Thames Holiday

The J.M.T.S. account taken from the Greenhillian magazine, and augmented by additional photographs.   Read more.....






1962 - Spain

This article was prepared by typing up Jenny Bee's scrapbook, which she made when she arrived home, and by scanning the photograph's in it.  Jenny has also added some addtional text.   Read more.....





1965 - Dinard

An account written for us by Allan Millington, who also provided the photographs.  In addition, Allan provided two colour photographs which he took when he re-visited the area in later years.   Read more.....