Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

About the 1957 Panorama



The 1957 image is a composite of scanned originals owned by Veronica Hetherington (415) and Ken Rodgers(230). It was completed, with all slices activated, in May 2005 and was the first successful named photo on the Greenhill MSN site. There are 422 cameos, with individual names and positions incorporated into the FolkFind database.

The image shows the people only. The original prints have a surround with a central shield showing "GREENHILL GRAMMAR SCHOOL, OLDHAM, March 1957". The original photo is 41” wide x 8” deep overall.

The photo was taken and produced by Panora Ltd of 56 Eagle Street, London W.C.1 and carries the negative number 37152 in the bottom right corner. Because of this companys wide association with similar school photos throughout the country, the full situation can be found elsewhere on the web. It is believed to have ceased trading and the images to be out of copyright protection.

The original idea of having a named panorama on the web was started by Ian Chidgey and Roger Worthington on the MSN Group site, though no satisfactory method was found within the limitations of the MSN site. The first working mouseover image, this 1957 panorama, was produced by code written by Kevin Dronsfield in May 2005 in his Tiscali personal web space. Many of the names for this item were supplied by members of the MSN Group. Others by direct contact with this site.

Before starting on this project I had no knowledge of web technology or html programming. My thanks to Ken Rodgers, invaluable adviser on the web generally, and chief test pilot.


1957 Panorama


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