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How to use the Photo System


NB All the advanced functions in this system require javascript to be enabled in your browser.   This can usually be set on a site by site basis even  if you do not permit it for general web browsing.

Group Photos Once a group photo has loaded, move your cursor over the faces in the group. When the pointer is over each face, the persons name, if known, will appear in a box under the pointer. There is no need to click on the face. As well as the name, the box also shows the position (Row Number, then Head Count from the left) and that person's Id reference in our system. The link shown in the box as More... will open FolkFind+ showning all the other entries we have on the site concerning that person If the persons name is not known the position number will still appear, this time with a group of letters and numbers which identifies the photo.

Strip Menus If you move the pointer to the top edge of these photos a strip menu will appear which will allow you to move to any other part of the site. As the cursor is moved over the menu various sub menus will appear for the different sections and classifications. No need to click, the submenus will open automatically if there is one at that point. If no sub menu appears it means that the current box is a link and left clicking it will open that item. It sounds a lot more complicated than it is and is a very fast easy way of moving around the site.

Panoramas These photos work in exactly the same way as group photos above but have an additional feature. If you click on here, in the information box a small new browser frame will open showing an enlarged 'cameo' of that section of the photograph.

Unnamed Photos There are a few photos that don't have names built in. They could be buildings for instance, or so old that no names are known. The photos still have a top strip menu just like the group photos.

FotoFind This facility uses advanced techniques to overcome the major limitations of fixed menu pages. When it is first opened it lists all the photos on the site. Each line consisting of a link to a photo, with 4 other pieces of information about that photo. Selector boxes at the top of the list can be used singly or in any combination to filter the list to include only items of special interest to the user. Again, it sounds far more complicated to use than it actually is.

FolkFind+ Uses similar techniques to FotoFind above but is used to find specific people in the site photos. Inputting a surname will show a list of all instances of that name in the site photos, along with individual first names. Links to the photos are provided, with position numbers for the name. (When a linked photo is opened, the face of the named person is outlined in green in the image.)

  InfoCorner Each photograph has one of these symbols in the lower left corner. Moving the cursor over this shows the detailed information about the item, along with any links as shown on the conventional menu pages.

About PagesThese are pages of background information to certain photos, or groups of photos, that can be accessed from the 'InfoCorners' of those photos. All the individual 'About' pages are listed as a separate section under 'Information' in the strip menu and in the main site menu.

Standards Compliance All phpos in this system are intended to comply with standards of code usage set by W3C. All pages will show the W3C HTML icon below the photo.Clicking on these icons will submit the page to the W3C validation service for re-assessment. Use [Back] to return to the site page

Kevin Dronsfield

Last amended Feb 2018