Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

About Velma's Photos



These five photos contributed to the site by Velma Heath in May 2006 are perhaps not as significant in 2018 as they were then but are still worthy of special acknowledgement


They were loaned to me for scanning via old fashioned 'grapevine' contacts (Hope Cong. and family) rather than than e-mails etc. They were the first photos contributed by someone with no direct involvement in either MSN or grenhill-gs, though there must obviously have been some indirect contact to know that the site existed in the first place. It was however the first concrete indication that the site was known about and supported by a much wider audience than just those with regular internet access


They were also the first photos we received of the girls' sporting activities at the school, after which we received others on a regular basis. Before that it could have been assumed they were not important enough to record.


Velma was a particularly good all-rounder, the markings on the back of the photos showing her to be '"Swimming Captain 1957" and "Netball Captain 1959". If I remember correctly, she was also a formidable table tennis player.


1960 Swimming Squad 1960 Senior Netball 1960 Senior Hockey
1954 Class I.X 1960 U.VI.L


KD Feb 2018