Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

About the 1956 Series




Most of the formal photos on this site (as opposed to personal holiday shots) were taken and processed professionally. They are usually printed up at about 8½ x 6¾inches.

A series of different photos is starting to emerge for 1956. The ones found so far are all 6 x 4 inches, a normal amateur size. They are also printed on textured paper, which seemed to be in vogue for amateur work at that time.

I have some recollection of them being taken by Bill (Wilbur) Handforth. They were sold comparatively cheaply and the proceeds went to school funds. Melvin Ratcliff certainly quoted Wilbur as the source of the 'Informal staff' photo listed as 1956. The intention seemed to be that the groups should be happy and relaxed rather than formal.

There are, however, two versions of this staff photo. An informal one from Melvyn and a more formal one, loaned by Laurie and Joan Feeley, obtained through the normal channels.

The major problem with these photos is the textured paper. The screen versionspresented on this site have been filtered quite heavily but a lot of the texture still shows in some of them.