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The 'camp' was a large farmhouse like building on the outskirts of Delph. Owned and run by the local council, it was available to local schools and youth groups for recreation. Greenhill used it on several occasions, usually during Oldham Wakes.

During the visits in 1956 & 7 photographic work was a popular topic for the boys groups. The camp had only basic photographic facilities and much of the equipement was loaned by Bill Handforth who ran the groups with assistance from other staff members. The darkroom was the toilet which had window shutters and makeshift blackout and processing arrangements.

In spite of these limitations we have three photographs actually produced at the camp in 1957. A contact print of the group made by David Webster, and a couple of good portraits by Lance Kershaw.

There are also two conventional photos from a later (1961) girls group.

Volume 5 of the Greenhillian magazine contains a write up of the 56 photographic camp by Jack Travis, and the photo section has two more photos of groups at the camp.

There are references to stays at the camp in volumes 5, 6, 7, 9 &12 of the Greenhillian.


Photographic Group Portraits 1961 Girls Group 1961 Concert Party