Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

About the 1956 Choir



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Choral performances were always part of the Speech Day proceedings, and a lot of preparation went into them. As Speech day was usually in November the choir was at its best in the period immediately before Christmas and charity performances were not uncommon. However, other than the above, we have no pictorial record of this activity. There always seemed to be a performance by the Girls Choir, support for boys or mixed events was variable.

This cutting, loaned by Joyce Bayley, is from the Oldham Chronicle and believed to have been taken at Christmas 1956

The cutting narrative reads :-

Carol singing in a good cause are these members of a choir from Greenhill Secondary [sic] School, Oldham. They took part in a carol service at Wood Street Citizens Club, Middleton on Monday night in aid of the Cripples Help Society. They were under the direction of Mr W. Handforth. Last week the society distributed more than 100 parcels in Middleton.


1956 Cutting