Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

Joining Greenhill - 1955

About this Document



I remember this "document" well, as I'm sure do many others.  If one was starting at Greenhill in 1955, this was the entire "School Brochure", and the entire of the information imparted before your arrival at those hallowed gates!


It comprised a single sheet of paper, typed on both sides, and then duplicated.  It was handed out to new starters at the Open Evening one day that Summer.  It's rather a far cry from the 32-page, professionally produced colour brochures that one sees today, but hey!  - at least nobody was wasting money in those austere days!


It comes to us thanks to Lawrence Feeley of that year's intake, whose mother Laura (R.I.P.) saved it for all that time, and we thank him for lending it to us now so that we can reproduce it here after nearly 54 years.


Please note that the pages presented here are the document  after it has in effect been re-typed.

However, right at the end is a link to a PDF document which contains the scans exactly as they came off the scanner.  These can be used to check the accuracy of the re-typing, and also let you see what we were dealing withsmiley-smile