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The Move to Counthill


Letter to Parents, Postmarked 20 July 1951 





This is quite a historic document.  It was preserved by Jean Tibbet (née Crowther). who donated it to O.L.S.A. and later directed us to it in the O.L.S.A. archives.  As you will see from the envelope (PDF version), this is the copy that was originally sent to Jean's parents.  We are grateful to Jean for preserving and donating it, and to O.L.S.A. for their permission to publish it here.


The letter is from the Headmaster (Allan Bradley) to parents, and is postmarked 20 July 1951.


So that we could display it in a "web-friendly" manner, it was re-typed for us by Keith (Sudds).

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We also offer you the original (in efect a Xerox copy) in PDF format, including a scan of an envelope in which it was received - complete with postmark and stamps!  See end of next page for PDF version.