Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham




The Visit to Castleshaw Camp


Last Wakes our school was given the privilege of using Castleshaw Camp for the first time. Eighteen boys took advantage of this holiday and everyone left with something added to his knowledge of photography.

On Monday, 2nd July, we left school at 10 a.m. approximately and arrived at Castleshaw Camp at 10-30.  We were met by the warden, Mr. Lassom, and his wife, on our arrival.  The Warden then showed us to our dormitories and told us how the camp was run.  We were then split into four groups in order to do dish-washing and cleaning.  After dinner each group was sent separately to take features of the local districts.  At six o'clock we were allowed to play table tennis and were told how to print and develop photographs.  At 9-30 we had supper which consisted of cocoa and sandwiches.

Tuesday, we went for a walk along the "Pack Horse" road in the direction of Marsden.  From here we thumbed a lift back to the camp.  In the afternoon Leslie Kershaw and myself printed photos in the cellar, whilst the rest of the party played either table tennis or cricket. Supper was taken at the same time.

Wednesday morning we went to the Castleshaw Water Works and were told how water was purified and how samples were sent to Manchester for analysis monthly.  In the afternoon we went to Saddleworth Church and took photographs of the church and Bill's o' Jack's grave was visited.  We were again allowed to play table tennis.  Supper was taken at 10-45 at night.

On Thursday, the whole day was free. The table tennis final was played between Peter Wood and Geoffrey Smith.  Leslie and myself worked in shifts printing snaps during the week.

After dinner on Friday, Anthony Regan gave, on behalf of the party, to Mr. and Mrs. Lassom boxes of chocolates. We left for school at 2-0 p.m.

So ended an enjoyable holiday.  Brian Kay was ill on Tuesday and was taken home, but fortunately Brian came back on the Thursday.




Castleshaw Camp


At 9-45 a.m. on the 25th June a party of 19 girls under Miss Taylor and Miss Pomfret went to Castleshaw for a week.  We travelled through Waterhead, Scouthead and Delph and along the main Huddersfield Road towards Standedge Cutting.  Then we went down the private road to Castleshaw Camp.  We were greeted by Mr. Lassom, the Warden, and his dog, Penny.  We were shown into the Common Room where we met Mrs. Lassom and her two sons, Robert and Richard.  We were then shown to the dormitories and the schoolroom.  After lunch we went to Delph village and proceeded to Heights Church.  We occupied ourselves in the evening.

The following morning we went to the schoolroom to write an account of the previous day.  This we did every morning in our diaries.  In the afternoon we paid a visit to Saddleworth Church where we were shown round by the Rev. R. E. Rodgers.  We had an interesting time at the church.  We went through the graveyard and then to the vicarage where we met his wife.  On returning to the camp we found that Miss Turner and Miss Turbefield had come to visit us.  In the evening we had dancing and games.  During the night Catherine Smith fell off the top bunk and about the same time Ann Goodall, a girl in the other dormitory, was feeling ill as she had drunk too much mineral.

We spent Wednesday afternon at the Waterworks nearby.  On our return we found that Mr. Higson had arrived for tea.  Afterwards a group of boys and girls from Delph Youth Club came for a game of rounders.

The next day was Jean Parkinson's birthday.  Her mother and brother were invited.  Some of the girls made a cake.  After the party Miss Turner and Mr. Handforth came and we entertained them.  Later on Mr. Handforth sang a song for us.  When we went to the dormitories we discovered that our pyjamas were tied in knots.  At first we expected that Mr. Handforth had done it, but later we found that it was Miss Taylor and Miss Pomfret.

The last day came all too soon.  In the morning we had to help to clean the house.  We gave votes of thanks and prizes were given to various people.  Soon after lunch the coach came and we set off for school singing as we went on our way.  More than half of the girls were crying, but whether it was with grief on leaving Castleshaw Camp or with grief on returning to school was not quite clear.