Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

 Greenhillian Advertisements


 It is not thought worthwhile to show every advert in every issue of the Greenhillian in this format.  Anyone really interested in following their development can do so using the full pdf versions.


What we have done in the following pages is to reproduce one example of every printing block found in the complete series.  They are in chronological order, Issue 1 to 13, 1953 to 1965.   There is some duplication of half page adverts when an old block appears with a new one on the same page.  The method is intended to show examples of the adverts themselves, and does not indicate the amount of support any particular company gave the magazine.  The window cleaner, Arthur Whitehead, for instance had a full page advert in every issue, but is represented only once because he never changed his artwork.


The change in social trends is apparent generally over the period covered and the Co-op series is quite interesting in itself.  The Coal Board appeared in two consecutive issues, there being, as I recall, still one working pit in Oldham at the time.   The Royal Navy appeared late in the series and very noticeably changed to include 'girls' as well as 'young men' (sic) in the last issue.