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Loaned by Isabel Lunn
Photo by; Isabel Lunn
Photo original size 4 x 4 inches.
1964 IngletonStripMenuInfoCornerHotSpotHotSpotHotSpotHotSpotHotSpot

Vera Copeland {Pos 101, Id 0640}
Margaret J Middleton {Pos 102, Id 1946}
Christine Taylor {Pos 201, Id 2700}
(Christine Taylor Two) These Two
Christine Taylors (Id 2699 & 2700) spent
their entire school lives in the same
form as each other. They were named
'One' and 'Two' by their first teacher
at Alexandra Primary and kept the
distinction until the end of the fifth
year at GGS.
Susan M Broadbent {Pos 202, Id 0347}
Phyllis J Wood {Pos 203, Id 3082}

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