Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


halfway house royton

West Oldham High School

Reunion on 23 February 2011

at the Half Way House, Royton






Brian Lees writes:-


Sixteen of the class of 1946 (the original lot!) had a luncheon get together on  Wednesday, 23 February 2011.

I took 6 photos of the attendees and wanted to put a short commentary with these photos for the benefit of any others of our class who are still out there and in touch..



Hazel Robinson (Collins), Geoff Kelly and Roy Smith




Carmen Smith, Shirley Kelly and Beryl Atkinson




June McCandlish, Enid Fletcher and Colin Fletcher




Beryl Stuttard, Harry Stuttard and Frank McCandlish




Stuart Iles, Brenda Iles (Whitworth) and Marion Partington (Orrell)




Carmen Smith, Shirley Kelly, Beryl Atkinson and Brian Lees