Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

xintro.jpgReunion May 2010

  Held over the weekend

Friday 21 to Sunday 23 May






This was a 3-day Reunion, held on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 21/22/23 May. 


Six "events" were scheduled, and this article comprises a section for each.  One can work through the sections in chronological order by clicking Next >> at the bottom of each page, or one can select any section via the Article Index at the top right.


From the outset, it was agreed that the whole programme would be as informal as possible, and judging by the feedback, this was welcomed by all concerned.  We had to insist on collecting names for the two evening meals so that we could book tables, but for the rest it was simply a case of informing everybody of the rendez-vous and time, and waiting to see who turned up.  We were very gratified by the response, and delighted to see so many "new" faces.  In fact, this was our best-attended reunion to date.


One very gratifying aspect from the organisers' point of view was the number of times that we were told how welcome the wives and husbands of ex-Greenhillians had felt, and how they appreciated a feeling of being included.  That alone made all the effort worthwhilesmiley-smile

The other gratifying aspect was the weather!  With a total of four walks planned over the three days, the one big worry had been the possibility of a wet weekend.  We need not have worried;  either by good luck or by the good management of our organisers, we were blessed with the warmest weekend of the year to date, sunshine and temperatures of 24 to 26oC - mid to upper 70s in old money.  It really was glorious.


The photographs on the following pages have been collected from various attendees, and we much appreciate the trouble that everyone took in getting them to us.  Many thanks to all concernedsmiley-smile