Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham






WernethGolfClub200WernethGolfClub2Reunion May 2009 


Werneth Golf Club

on Friday 1st. May 2009





Again, arranged by Val and Pam, and again with help

from Steve Walton and John Barlow.

Our grateful thanks to them all.





Ken's Account of the Evening:- 


This was our second visit to Werneth Golf Club within a year, and we were certainly not disappointed.
Once again, it was organised by Pam and Val with help from Steve Walton.
The format - simply a buffet and drinks, and the whole evening to move around and talk - seems to be the most popular.  Indeed, the simpler we make it, the more popular it becomes, with numbers passing thirty for the first time, and including a high proportion of "first-timers".

StThomasRosemary travelled from Wales and stayed over to be with us.  To do this, she had to abandon her budgies for a lengthy period, and we can only hope that by now she has been forgiven by her feathered friends.

She insisted that we took a photograph of the "St. Thomas Street North Group".   It seems that this is a very exclusive group, requiring for membership that one attended Greenhill whilst living on St. Thomas Street North, and that one is a current member of this site.  We have pleasure in publishing this photograph of the entire group -  both her and David!

For much of the evening, she seemed very happy to be renewing acquaintance with Isabel and Mick, pictured below with John Barlow.




Ian Wright, unable to make it to our last get-together, travelled up from the south coast to be with us this time, and Dave and Marilyn (Topping) Parkin came over from Blackpool, and then set off to drive home at midnight.