Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham






RB1_200RB3_200Mini-Reunion, January 2008


The Roebuck Inn,


This was arranged very competently and very quickly by Val and Pam.

We are all much indebted to them for a great evening,

- and who better to tell the story:-


Val Webster writes: 

36Many's the time, after an evening out, that Pam, Ken, David and myself, have found ourselves taking a trip down memory lane and someone would ask "I wonder whatever happened to ..........................?"  I suppose that was when the idea of a reunion was first formulated.


Ken and Kevin's new web-site has attracted the attention of lots of  ex-Greenhillians and it seemed a good idea to try to meet up with some of the people who had joined the group.


Ken designated Pam and me (without actually asking us) to arrange some sort of low key event. We weren't looking to do anything grand, just meet, perhaps have meal and wax nostalgically about our schooldays (always assuming  you could remember so far back).
05aJacky (nee Holt) became the catalyst, as she was visiting her family in Yorkshire over New Year (Jacky now lives in Turkey), and her visit fixed the date.  Having decided on a suitable day, the choice of venue became the next problem.  We had been to the Roebuck for mini-reunions before, but Strinesdale in January?!!!!!
We decided to risk the chance of wintry weather and booked the table.  As luck would have it, the weather was kind to us........not a flake of snow to be seen. Not so fortunate was David Kitchen who travelled down from the North East braving ice and snow to join us.
16aAfter endless phone calls from Oldham to St.Annes, we managed to muster fifteen brave souls who were prepared to face their past!


When we arrived at the Roebuck, we were a little apprehensive at how the evening would go , would we recognize anyone, would they recognize us?  We need not have worried. With a bit of make up, a touch of hair colour and a walking stick, we all looked just the same as we did on Kevin's wonderful Folkfind photosite.  It was great to see everyone looking so fit and well.

The toast at dinner was 'Survival' which seemed appropriate given that some of us will be pensioners this year.

We did receive apologies from Stephen Walton and Joan (nee Bent) and Lawrence Feeley who had other commitments on the 4th and we also had a message from Ian Wright who sent his best wishes.

I do hope that everyone enjoyed the evening as much as we did and if so, maybe we'll do it again before too long.

All in all, it was a right good do!