Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham





towerilluminationThe 2007 Reunion of the West Oldham High School was held in Blackpool over the weekend of 2/3 November.


The event was well attended, and enjoyed by all.

Here, we give you Fred Brook's account, followed by  Colin's photographs of the occasion:-



Fred Brook writes:-

My wife Maureen is an Irish Geordie, and she only managed to get to the very first of our re-unions in 1997, and missed the other two. So, we were both very eager to come to Blackpool and meet people not seen for a while. We had a pleasant drive down, coming across country to Carlisle and then travelling over Shap Fell to finally enter the sacred soil of Lancashire north of Carnforth. We live in West Northumberland, in Henshaw parish, two miles south of Hadrian's Wall.
It was a new experience for me to be driven along the Blackpool motorway by Maureen, but it was a familiar experience for her for me to get her completely lost after the end of the motorway. We ended up in a car park behind the Tower.  Very embarrassing for me, since I won the 1954 6th form prize for geography - sorry Mr Wells.
Anyway we finally reached the Promenade, circled the hotel and back streets for two or three times until Colin Bentley spotted us, shoved me out and advised me to check in, whilst he guided Maureen to the car park conveniently placed at the back of the hotel. Nice to be greeted by Pauline the receptionist who asked which part of Oldham I came from. Her nose wrinkled a bit when I replied "Westwood" - don't know why.
So, it was into a happy period of happy meetings with old school friends and their partners. As the Bard of Avon said, "we few, we happy few, we band of brothers (and sisters)".
June HurstFrank McCandlishJoan WildWhat best to remember when there was so much? June Hurst, all the way from Somerset, and I, were the first editors of the School Magazine, and were delighted to see a copy Frank Mac had brought along.
Joan Wild, up from Torquay, swapping amateur dramatics tales with Maureen, since both of them produce plays for their local societies.
Pat Parry telling about the time she sang at a tea dance in the Isle of Man (Wakes Week) with Joe Loss and his band.
Roy Smith2Ted WarehamRoy Smith recounting meeting old Greenhillians in his work in engineering (he lives in Royton round the corner from my cousin who's wife started at Greenhill in 1951).  Dennis Halford who Dennis Elwell and I met in Trafalgar Square in 1956 he was in the Army at the War Office, and we were students. Teddy Wareham who scaled Helvellyn with me and Ron Wells' group in 1954.
John HartleyPierreHarry Stuttard, demon rugby player and swimmer. Colin Bentley, my old pal from Westwood, great gymnast, languages scholar, and a renowned computer  expert. Colin Fletcher, robust full back, and co-organiser of this event with Frank Mac. And Pierre, all the way from Geneva- Merci, Monsieur le Professeur. 
Pat ParryGreat days. Dinner was a load of fun, not least when the Polish waiters and waitresses got a lot of things mixed up - Pat Parry was truly regal when she insisted on extra glasses for water. We had no intention of using the one which had wine in it.
Next morning Maureen and I came down for breakfast quite late. I had a sore throat from talking so much, well that's my excuse, and a mild headache. A quick walk along the front to buy Blackpool rock for our Geordie grandchildren, and then back northwards to the Border Country. We were held up at the Carlisle  north exit, due a surge of Leeds United supporters turning up to play Carlisle United - it was a draw, and there were many arrests of Yorkshiremen.
Best wishes, Sapere Aude!
Fred Brook