Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


Chess Club Report


At the beginning of the Autumn Term, 1960, a Chess Club was started by Mr. Halliwell, to whom the members are indebted.

Several chess sets and boards were acquired and the team was entered in the Manchester Schools (Senior) League.  To date every match has been lost, probably owing to inexperience, but we are improving rapidly.

The club meets during the dinner-hour, when tournaments are organised regularly.  We hope that these will improve the standard of play, and encourage new members.  The club appreciates the regular efforts of the team, which has included B. Steveson (Capt.), C. J. Knowles, B. Mather, P. Fletcher, D. Abbott, K. Abbott, F. Smith, J. Holt.

We should like to thank the girls who have prepared the refreshments voluntarily.

B.G.S. and C.J.K.


Table Tennis Club


The club passed this year in much the same way as usual under the guiding hand of Mr. Martin.  The champion of the club was Jack Travis, but the doubles championship was not decided.  As usual owing to the large membership, playing had to be restricted to two days each for boys and girls, and one day (Friday) combined.

During the present year the club has introduced a ladder competition to continue throughout the year.  It is hoped that this will provide an added interest for members.  The handicap, however, will still be held.

Steven Shaw (Sec.).


Scripture Union Report

President:   Mr. Higson.
Chairman:   Mr. Handforth.
Secretary:  Pamela Jones.
Asst. Secretary:  Mavis Fielding.
Treasurer:   Joan Bent.


This term the S.U. has been re-formed (not "reformed," as one of our worthy members put on the notice-board). We have at the present about 60 members.  We held our first meeting on 21st September, and since then we have met every Wednesday evening in the Geography Room.

We have had talks on various subjects, which were given by two clergymen, the Rev. D. Jones and the Rev. W. Speck, Mr. Hutchinson from the Welfare Offices and Mr. Handforth.

When Mr. Hutchinson came, he spoke to us on the subject of looking after aged, lonely and infirm people.  We are hoping to begin a scheme, whereby we shall visit these people and thus help them to "live" again.

We are sending to the main branch of the S.U. for badges and notes.

We have also had a quiz and a debate.  The motion of the debate was " Are monasteries out of date ?"

Mr. Handforth, our able chairman, "keeps us under control," and remains neutral (under protest) at all meetings.

N.B. - We hope for some new members next term, and the treasurer is eagerly awaiting those " shiny sixpences."

J. Bent.