Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

09_cartouch    -  SOCIETIES/CLUBS

Dramatic, Operatic and Debating
Society Report

President:  Mr. T. Higson.
Vice-President:  Mr. K. Wright.
Chairman: D. Berryman.
Deputy Chairman: Beryl Summersgill.
Secretary:  Sheila Trotter.


On the debating side of the society, the functions have been held at regular intervals (fortnightly) where possible, but it must be pointed out that there have been gaps owing to the lack of speakers willing to discuss the motions.  It is, of course, realised that courage is needed to speak before an audience but it would be appreciated if more decided to take the plunge.  Perhaps the most outstanding internal debates were those on early marriage and on money and sport, which were in danger of becoming heated in places.

Counthill Grammar School visited us for a debate on drawing the line, which, perhaps because of the subject, proved to be rather farcical.

The Dance, held this year in the form of a Hallowe'en Dance, for which the hall was suitably decorated with controversial witches and the lights dimmed with X-rays of the human skeleton, was thought to be on the night highly successful.

In the dramatic circles of our society, a very successful production of Frank Harvey's 'The Poltergeist' has been performed, directed by Mr. Handforth.  Mr. Anderton applied his usual successful work to the scenery which in this case needed mechanism for the poltergeist to be manifested.

The production was highly polished, starring Steven Shaw, who somehow managed to hold a Cockney accent all through, Tony Kerr, Catherine Smith, Christobel Taylor and others, including the six-footer from the middle school.


Scientific Society Report

President: Mr. T. Higson.
Chairman:  Mr. M. A. Tempest.
Treasurer:   C. Abbott.
Secretary:  K. Dronsfield.


Last year, as usual, for the meagre sum of sixpence per person Mr. Tempest generously flung wide the door of the Physics Lab. to the general populace of the school.

The Society met two weeks out of three and tried to produce as many live meetings as possible.  To this end, as well as the usual "throwing open" of the Physics Lab., Brains Trusts, etc., we included a symposium given by three sixth-formers.  This went down so well that it has been decided to make this an annual event.

In mentioning annual events I must report (totally without prejudice) that WE won the Arts v. Science quiz.  I must also include in this category the Society trip (this year to Laboratory Glassware, Barnsley), and the dance which were also great successes in their respective spheres.

And so passed yet another year in the long history of the Society.

K. Dronsfield.