Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



He scrambled up the curtains,
He pulled them all to bits,
He ate up all the jelly,
We all had forty fits,
He was very sorry, but
He really couldn't help it,

Couldn't Smut.

He climbed upon the table
He ate up all the jam
He went into the larder
And gobbled up the ham,
He was very sorry, but
He really couldn't help it,

Couldn't Smut.

Rosemary Hughes, 2A.


A Weekend Holiday at Capel Curig


On 15th April members of the Historical Society met at Central Station, Oldham, from where we travelled to Manchester and then to Llandudno Junction.  A coach took us to the Youth Hostel at Capel Curig.  That Friday afternoon we walked to Swallow Falls and back.  On our  way we visited the "Ugly House," which was shown on television a few months later.

The following day we left the Hostel at about 10 a.m., and spent the day travelling by coach to various castles.  Our first stop was at Harlech Castle, after which we went to Port Maddock where we had dinner.  After visiting Caernarvon Castle we crossed over the Menai Bridge to Anglesey.  Then we continued to Conway Castle.  This, however, was closed by the time we arrived, so we had half an hour to look round Conway.  We then returned to the Hostel. 

On the Sunday morning a few went to the 7 a.m. Communion.  Then, soon after breakfast, we set out for Snowdon.  After almost two and a half hours we reached the bottom of it.  Then we began to follow the Pyg track up Snowdon - or at any rate the remains of the Pyg track. 


Two and a half hours later everyone was beginning to tire.  Seven people decided not to continue, and so everyone else left duffle bags and rucksacks with them.  Further up more were left behind.  Eventually the remains of the party reached the summit, where a group photograph was taken.  All met again at about 4 p.m.  The way down was rather different.  We slid.  After a mixture of sliding, climbing, jumping and falling all safely reached the bottom.  The following day the majority were stiff and full of blisters, but nevertheless some went for another walk.  Most, though, caught the bus to Betws-y-Coed.  There ten people found themselves rather an unusual cafe, which caused much amusement.  At about 4 p.m. everyone met once more at Capel Curig.  We then left for home.

All are grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Bickerstaffe, who did so much work on our behalf, and made the holiday such a success.




Solution to Crossword on Page 32

Accross.    1 Superficial,    8 UNO,    9 SE,    10 Punts,    11 Clasp,    13 Seer,
14 Oder,    15  Case,     16  Pint,    18  Plym,    19 Ear,    20 Yeti,    21   Ante,
24 Ruhr,    25 Else,    27 Et,    28 Aria,    29 Lens.
Down.  1 Saprophytes,   2 Puns,   3 Entertainer,   4 Rose,   5 Colocynth,   6 Asses
7   Leprechauns,   12 Adam,   17 Net,   21 Area,   22 Nut,   23 Erse,   26 SA.


Solution to Crossword on Page 36

Across:   1   CH30C2H5,     6   H2S,     7   22,     9   CO,     10   H20,     12   S02,
14  NaA102,    15  23,    17  03,    18  CaH2,    19  KBr,    20  HC104,    21  C12.
Down:  1 C2H5HS04,    2  3FeS,    3  02,   4 CS2,    5  HC104,    8  2H,    9  C02,
11   LiAlH4,    12  C102,    13  HCl,    16  3Br2,    18  CaO,    19  KCl