Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham


School Trip to Italy
(July 30th-August 11th, 1960)


Saturday, 30th July, was a memorable day for twenty-six punils of Greenhill Grammar School.  We were on our way to Italy. We left Oldham, West Street, at 6-30 a.m. and arrived in London at mid-day.  After a pleasant crossing from Folkestone to Calais we boarded a train for Basle where we breakfasted gratefully.  At 6 a.m. we caught the train for Venice, but unfortunately we were delayed for two hours at Milan so that we did not arrive at our destination until 7-30 p.m. on Sunday evening.

Tired but happy we sampled our first Italian meal, SPAGHETTI.  Our first impression of Venice was of a busy bustling city. Public boats instead of buses seemed a little strange to us at first, but after a couple of days we boarded them like seasoned Venetians.  That evening we took a short stroll through the city, the girls being invaded by the male population of Venice.  The following morning we paid an interesting visit to a glass factory on the island of Murano where souvenirs were bought by many of us.  In trie afternoon we visited San Marco, seeing the ancient church, the  Palace and the bell-tower, at the Lido in the Adriatic.

The following afternoon we went swimming

Early on Wednesday morning we set off for Rimini, further down the coast, arriving there at mid-day.  The hotels and food were much better here, fruit forming our staple diet.  Our days were filled with swimming and sunbathing, including a visit to San Marino, a tiny republic, high up in the mountains.  On one occasion night attire was displayed on a balcony much to the dismay of certain males in our party.  Reluctantly we left Rimini on Sunday morning for Rome.


We arrived in Rome late on Sunday afternoon.  The city was very crowded and we saw many signposts and other constructions relating to the forthcoming Olympic Games.  On Monday morning we visited the the ancient Roman port of Ostia, some of our members bathing in the Mediterranean, and in the afternoon we saw the famous church of St. Peter's in the Vatican City.  The following day we rounded off our stay in Rome with a visit to the catacombs near the church of San Sebastian on the Appian Way.  During our stay we also saw the Coloseum, the famous Fountain of Trevi, Trajan's Column and Forum and the Pantheon.

We left Rome on Wednesday morning for our long homeward journey.  At Basle we had a midnight meal and afterwards boarded the train for Calais.  After a slightly rough Channel crossing in the pouring rain we landed at Folkestone, where we were delayed by the Customs Officers, and then travelled via London to Victoria Station, Manchester.  A coach conveyed us to West Street where Mr. Higson and many parents were waiting to meet us.

We are sure we speak for everyone when we say that we had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday and give grateful thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Bickerstaffe who so kindly and efficiently organised the holiday.

J.C., A.M., D.R., S.T.