Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

09_cartouch    -  FORM REPORTS

1A Form Report


Now we have arrived at Greenhill Grammar School, and have become used to the technique, we are finding that the work is about the same as we had at the other schools.  Our form master is Mr. Fogg who takes us for Mathematics.  There are 26 people in the form, 13 boys and 13 girls.  There are two boys on the U/12's football team, Rogers and Pickering, and on the cross country team we have three representatives, Pickering, Holt and Krieger .


1C Form Report


Some of the pupils in our form have interesting hobbies.  For instance L. Gomersall collects Victorian coins, and D. Pilkington collects photographs.  Most of the boys prefer stamp collecting.  N. Smith plays the recorder and drums.  I myself prefer the guitar.  Our Form Mistress, Mrs Clark, takes the boys of our class for Library on Thursday and the girls for Cookery.  My favourite lesson is Art which we have on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Brian Nowell.


2A Form Report


We are all happy here in our class.  There are thirteen boys and twenty-one girls. Miss Taylor is our Form Teacher.  Sport seems to be the favourite with both boys and girls.  We also enjoy music for sometimes we play records.  Quite a lot of us bring recorders to play.  There are not many of us in societies, but the Film Society is more popular.  Nearly all of us (I'm sorry to say) do not prefer maths.  Most of us like German because Mr. Martin is very agreeable.  We are all hard workers here in 2A.  Yes, we all enjoy being here and hope most of us will continue to go up the school in ' A ' classes.

Valerie Rowbottom.


2B Form Report


2B this year is composed of twenty girls and eleven boys.  We have had lots of fun in this form.  We have found it much pleasanter than we expected.  Our form master is Mr. Anderton, who takes our boys for woodwork.  We are very happy in this form with the teachers and most of the subjects.  Most of the girls favour Cookery, and most of the boys favour Chemistry, while other girls and boys like English, French and Physical Education.  The girls' games captain is Sheila Hulme, and it is a good thing that she is very good at games and gym.  Everyone seems to be happy and settled in this form, because no-one is ever in a gloomy mood, and I can say we have all enjoyed the time we have spent in this form and we are looking forward to enjoying the future.

Elaine Rainford.