Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

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    Athletics, 1958-59


The standard of athletics in our school is gradually improving every season, and the formation of the Athletic Society in 1957 has done a great deal to stimulate a bigger interest in this field.  Although Greenhill had no outstanding successes in Athletics during the past year our representatives have, nevertheless, been working hard and many of them, I am pleased to say, possess that grit and determination which is necessary in the development of all athletics.

In the Inter-schools Sports which were held at Counthill in May our athletes performed very well indeed, but again our school was unplaced.  Many of the individuals ran very well, and this was a big consolation.  If only more boys and girls would devote a little of their time to training during the winter and early season then Greenhill would be able to turn out a much better team.

For the Lancashire Championships the following athletes from Greenhill were selected to represent Oldham:—


Pole Vault.
220 and 440 Relay.
100 yards.
100 and 440 Relay
Pole Vault
Platt was placed 3rd in the senior pole vault and Cook 6th in the junior pole vault.


Throughout the season, the members of the school Athletics Teams went regularly to the playing field and trained strenuously under the guidance of Mr. Cox and Miss Jones, the Physical Education teachers.  This consistent training proved to be very worthwhile for, on Sports Day in June, the performance in every field of Athletics was very good and many records were broken.

The pole vault demonstration which was abandoned last year because of bad weather was staged this year and both competitors and spectators were thrilled by Platt's display.

Blackshaw ran a fine race to come 1st in the 100yd. final, and the senior boys' relay was won by Lees House with Fawsitt House 2nd.

Crumpton ran a creditable mile in 5min 9.2 seconds, thus breaking the old record, and McHugh set a new record of 18ft. for the Long Jump.

In the Intermediate High Jump Gould equalled the old record of 4ft. 11ins., in the Discus Bennett set a new record of 97ft. 8½ins. and in the Intermediate Pole Vault Cook set a record of 7ft.

In the Junior Event Earl established a new record of 47.8 secs, for the 330 yds., and in the Pole Vault E. J. Shaw established a record of 6ft.

Culminating a very successful occasion Mr. Etchells, the Physical Education Organiser for Oldham, commented on the high standard of performance in all fields and presented the Athletics Shield to the Captains of Lees House.