Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham




Scientific Society Report, 1958-59


President:  Mr. T. Higson.
Chairman:  Mr. J. Kent.
Treasurer:  J. A. Widdall.
Secretary:  J. Evans.

Mr. M. A. Tempest, Mr. K. C. Petford. K. Dronsfield, K. Graham,
K. Dawson, D. Andrew.


The Scientific Society has again had a very successful year.  Meeting every Monday after school in the Physics Laboratory, we had the usual quota of scientific films, quizzes, brains-trusts, talks and demonstrations.

One talk, worthy of note, was that given by a local police inspector, which he illustrated with film-slides, showing the part that Forensic Science has to play in modern police work.

Frank Briggs, too, gave a very successful talk-cum-demonstration entitled "Science-Magic".

Another very popular meeting was the one in which various pieces of physical apparatus (including the spectrometer and oscilloscope) were arranged around the laboratory and members were allowed to operate them themselves.  Mr. Kent had a very difficult job indeed, trying to answer all the questions put to him, especially those queries raised by the younger members.

During the Easter holidays, visits were made to the Gem Mill, Chadderton, where we saw television tubes, wireless valves and rectifiers being made, and to Magnesium Elektron Ltd., Clifton Junction, where magnesium is extracted and made into many useful alloys.  One point that can always be raised in connection with these visits is which is the more popular with members, the visits themselves, or the refreshments provided afterwards.

The Society's Annual Social held in March was the usual success of previous years.

Again last Christmas, the Arts versus Science Quiz was held, with Mr. Higson in the Chair.  Sad to relate, for the first time in several years, the Arts emerged victorious, owing, the Scientists said afterwards, to the fact that the majority of the questions were of a literary nature.

Finally the usual invitation to join the Scientific Society is extended to all members of the school.  Treasurer Widdall awaits you (and your sixpence).



Athletic Society

President: Mr. T. Higson.
Chairman: Mr. G. P. H. Cox
Secretary: P. Haughton..
Treasurer: K. Dronsfield.  

Committee :
M. McKenzie, A. Clark, S. Blackshaw, M. Russell, J. Ratigan,
B. Summersgill, C. Smith.


At the beginning of yet another school year, we, the members of the Athletic Society, feel that we leave behind us a year of great achievement and steady progress in the Society.  We are only a young institution, but we feel that already we are making a vital contribution to the success and the development of our school.  Last year the society had nearly 40 members, but more important it had officers who throughout the year put a great deal of valuable work into the society and it is our wish that the newly-elected officers continue the good work.

During the last Cross-Country season, Greenhill had fixtures against Hyde and Cheadle Hulme Grammar Schools and Hathershaw Technical School.

Greenhill was chosen among other schools to represent Oldham in the Northern Grammar Schools' Cross-Country Championships at Disley, Cheshire, in April.  Although the standard of competition was very high the performance of our teams was extremely good.  It must be mentioned that the school teams comprised members of this society, showing that we are playing an active part in the life of the school.

One of the boys of the society, Crumpton, represented Lancashire in the English National Cross Country also held in April.

During last year the society held two film shows and the attendance on these occasions was very good.  The films dealt with weight training for sport and as the society had just purchased a set of weights, the would-be "muscle men" all turned out to see the film.

The society also purchased a pair of starting blocks which have proved a favourite with the "sprinters".

At the school sports on May 10th, records were broken in various events, half of these being achieved by society members.  In May we also held our annual Dance, and, in search of something "different" to attract the crowds, we staged a Cabaret during the intermission.  This was a bold venture which proved most successful.  There was a record attendance of 134 people and after the "Social" the society received many congratulations on a well-planned and splendid job.

In July a coach load of members attended the All-England School Championships at Northwich.  The trip was very successful and the visitors witnessed some good performances.

But perhaps one of the most significant happenings of the year was that a team of boys from the society was invited to give a demonstration at a Festival of Physical Education held in Oldham.  Our representatives gave a display of the week which we carried out in the Gym before a large number of spectators who included the Mayor of Oldham.  After the display the Physical Education Organiser for Oldham praised our boys for the "interesting" demonstration.

It is hoped that our members will support the society as enthusiastically this year, as they did last year.