Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham




3B Form Report


Our form is 3B, and our form room is Room 8. Our Form Master is Mr. Andertpn.  There are 14 boys and 15 girls and we take part in most of the school activities.  Several of us are in the school choir and a few of the boys are on the school football and swimming teams.  I think we all like being in the 3rd form, and I hope we continue to do so.



3G Form Report


We begin our third year, which for many of us in this form is the third time in an all-girls class.  We now reside in a different form-room, and Miss Jones, the games mistress, has the added misfortune of being our Form Mistress.

Most of the class have again joined the various societies, although I think the Film Society, a comparatively new one, has a majority.  We enjoy (perhaps otherwise in some cases) swimming lessons, and now the winter season is upon us, we are being initiated into the intricacies of hockey again.  Miss Jones once more risks her life as she walks among our clashing hockey-sticks, heated words and trampling feet.

Turning to the academic side of school-life we find that for the first time we are delving into the mysteries of the three sciences, and are penetrating into the previously sacred ground of their respective laboratories.  Here again we give nerve-racking moments to the three unfortunate teachers.

We have begun our school year well, and hope to continue in this manner.



4L Form Report


A report on 4L you request,
So I will do my level best,
To enlighten you;
And not to jest.

We have some stars that shine so bright,
And others like a foggy night,
Who cough and splutter and dread the day
As G.C.E. rolls on its way.

The boys in number total four,
The girls, so life won't be a bore
Are 26, some short, some broad
And yet others tall.

Some support Tommy, Elvis or Cliff,
Others have ideas rather diff,
They listen to Handel, Grieg or Chop(p)in,
While others prefer to spend time rockin'.

But when not relaxing 4L works well,
But not hard enough to miss the bell,
At that welcome sound, there's a clatter of feet
For that sumptuous banquet, a bob complete( ?).

And now in a rush,
It's off to Press
OR there would have been more,
Instead of LESS.