Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham




Swimming Notes


The standard of swimming this year has increased greatly.  This is due to the keenness and perseverance of the competitors.

In the Town Gala this year, although Greenhill were not placed, a very fine show of sportsmanship and swimming was put up.  We narrowly lost the "Brown Shield", but we are confident of victory this time.

A special life-saving class was again formed.  The class was entered for an examination called "The Bronze Medallion". These boys were successful in obtaining it:—
D. Hall, G. Gray, P. Lawton, A. Clarke, I. Wright, P. Holderness.   R. Ogden was successful in passing his "Intermediate Certificate"    F. Nunn outshone, the class by passing "The Award of Merit".

In the "House Gala" this year, Lees were successful in swimming, but a good all round performance was seen.
Several of our boys went to the Town Trials. The following were successful in being selected to represent Oldham at the Inter-town Gala at Preston :—

Juniors :
Intermediate :    
Seniors :
P. Brown, 3B.
D. Abbott, 4S.    P. Hope, 4S.  
I. Wright, 5S.    A. Clarke, 5S.


At Preston, time trials over a distance of 660yds. were held.  Through these A. Clarke was lucky enough to be selected to represent Lancashire in the Inter-County Gala at Crewe.  The Counties entered were Cheshire, Cumberland and Lancashire. He was also selected to swim again at Huddersfield against Yorkshire.

A great number of certificates were awarded this year. Several of our boys succeeded in passing their Advanced Tests. They were :-

P. Garside, P. Lawton, A. Clarke, D. Holt and G. Gray.

We are grateful to Mr. Higson in starting to award "Colours" for swimming.  This will encourage the younger members of our school to aim at something in the swimming world.

A sad loss to the swimming side of the Town, was the passing away of Stephen Brierley.  He will always be remembered as a great sportsman and swimmer.


Girls' Games Report


Owing to Mrs. McGowan's leaving the school the hockey and netball fixtures for 1958-59 were not very successful and after Christmas the teams were not able to get off to a good start because of the bad weather.  The 1st eleven hockey team won only once, and the second eleven played only one match, which they lost.

After Miss Jones joined us as games mistress we were once more able to improve our games.

The rounders team started off badly but improved as the season went on and had got quite good results by the end of the season; the fielding had improved and the team showed great keenness.

The tennis matches were very enjoyable and although Greenhill did not win many matches the results were reasonably even.

In the athletic field we entered a team for the inter-schools sports but we did not win any of the events.  However, Pamela Tucker reached the finals in her event.

These girls won colours for junior rounders : Pauline Bardsley, Joyce Schofield, Jean Firth and Irene Burke.

The following girls won colours for junior netball: Pauline Bardsley, Sylvia Merritt and Eileen Baybutt.

We have not been very successful in our sports this year, but we are looking forward with confidence to the matches this term.

ANGELA TAYLOR (Games Secretary).