Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham




School Notes


Although much of the material recorded here will no doubt be enlarged upon, I include it in this brief synopsis of school happenings.

At the end of last term, we said "au revoir" to Mrs. Wild, leaving us with our wishes for a happy retirement, and the thanks for a very full life both here, and at Ward Street.  Miss Parker also left, after two years of teaching French, for the Fairfield Technical High School in Manchester.  Mr. Mathews departed before term-end, to take up a post at the Swinton Conservative College.

Now we must welcome Miss Reed, to teach French, Mr. Hilton to teach Music, Mr. Halliwell - Mathematics, Mr. Cartmell - Art and M. Aim from France to supplement the Linguistic department, and at the same time to further his own knowledge of our tongue.

News reached school, also, of the birth of a child to Mrs. Pilling, who receives our hearty felicitations.

Speech Night, at the time of writing, is almost upon us.  Our speaker will be Mr. Wilson, Deputy Director of Education for Oldham, who is shortly to leave to take up the post of Director of Education at Tynemouth.  The date will be November 25th.

The school societies continue to flourish; one of the newer, the Historical Society, under the guiding light of Mr. Bickerstaffe, appears to have made a permanent niche for itself in school life.  The other new society, the Film Society, has created much the same impression.  It had a full programme last year, including "Genevieve" and "The Battle of the River Plate," whilst this year, the first few films have already been shown.

The Scientific Society continues as one of the most popular, and its curriculum last year included visits to local electronic firms, and lectures by members of staff, and conscripted "foreigners".    This society sponsors the Arts-v.-Science Quiz, which for the first time was won by the Literature seekers.

The Athletics Society, in planning its activities this year, will have to work hard to measure up to the success it attained last year.

The Dramatic Society opened a new branch, and is now termed the Dramatic and Debating Society.  The latter feature, held weekly, attracts large audiences which vouch for its popularity.  This term a mock election was held, resulting in Mr. Holden (Conservative) being successful, followed home by Mr. Berryman (Liberal) and Mr. Jackson (Labour).  The "Dramatic" half put on several plays, three of which were in one evening.  First presentation this year will be "The Importance of Being Earnest".

The sporting ranks were busy last year, several senior boys being selected to compete in the "cross-country" for the town. This resulted in J. Crumpton being selected for Lancashire.  In aquatics, bronze-medallions were won by several boys, A. Clarke, P. Lawton, S. Brierley, P. Garside, I. Wright, G. Gray, P. Holderness;  R. Ogden gained Intermediate certificate, but special mention must go to Frank Nunn who gained the Award of Merit.

The annual Staff v. School cricket match was rained off, but the tennis match was won by the Staff, somewhat luckily.

The usual outings of a geographical nature were organised again by Mr. Wells.  The third form went to York and Knaresborough; the fourth to Easdale Tarn and the Lake District in general; the fifth and sixth to Ingleton; and this term the sixth form went to Malham.

Mr. Wells also took an informal party to the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, where the Halle played Hoist's "Fugal Overture", Mozart's "Jupiter", Beethoven's "Pastoral" Symphony and Vaughan Williams' "On a theme of Thomas Tallis".  The conductor was Sir Adrian Boult.

The Christmas Parties again went down well.  Besides these, the Scientific, the Athletic and the Dramatic Societies also held their socials.  This year the above will be held again. Preparations are already under way for the Prefect's Dance, usually the elite of all such gatherings.

With this summary of the daily happenings in the life of a grammar school, I end, but more details will be found in the coming pages.







In Memoriam


          STEPHEN DAVID BRIERLEY          


(DIED JUNE 30th, 1959)