Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham




Form 5L Report


We  have in our sect, this year twenty-four girls (a motley crowd if ever there was one), four boys and one woman-hater (need we say who ?). Naturally we are all hard at work, swotting like mad, and simply lapping up our homework with tears of joy.

On the sporting side we are proud to possess several members of the hockey team (girls, of course), and two members of that distinguished group, the football first-eleven. On the academic side we possess all the brilliant "Lit-types" who delve as merrily into the beauties of Latin, History and even Greek, as the lot next door delve into the horrors of physics and chemistry.

With unperturbed calm we await the approach of that great milestone the G.C.E., which words are never uttered, the milestone simply being referred to as "the exam." Of course, we shall all come through with flying colours.

A. KERR, 5L.


Form 5S Report

I, the only literate member in a form of budding scientists, have been chosen to write about us, the elite of the fifth. Mr. Kent, who emerged pale and shaken from being form master to us in our fourth year, has, sorrowfully, handed us to the tender care of Mr. Petford. Hidden amongst the bottles of sulphuric acid we have a celebrity, Dronsfield, who, after his appearance in "The Happiest Days of our Lives," has had many fans in the lower school.

I think the more exotic side of the form-room deserves a mention, where the six beauties of the fifth, including Katy, the red-haired choir girl, who treats us (ha, ha) to the latest attempts of the choir, struggle through their chemistry homework. The wits of the form, Schofield and Evans, must not be forgotten as they endeavour to keep us smiling, sometimes not succeeding, but they try, as we tread our weary way to the labs. It is Professor Knowles, however, who keeps us amused (though he does not know it) by his intelligent-------? questions.

Form motto : The worse the smell the better the experiment.



Form 5G Report


The continuation of the development of our intellectual ability commenced this year with a diminution of the numerical strength of our form, caused by the retirement of several of its fellow members, who ventured to face the dangers of the open world. From the previous fifth year, we have managed to obtain the services of Lily, the girl (obviously) and John, the boy (doubtful). The exalted and responsible position of form master was undertaken by Mr. Martin, who has had no undue concern inflicted on him by our cultured friends. L. Kershaw makes his bid for fame in the role of the form tax collector (supposedly for charity, but the method is the same) whilst, in another direction, the never-ending quest of the female side for the "Perfect Schoolboy" has proved successful in the election of "that clever lad on the front row," David Partington. The teachers, no doubt, will have reached full disagreement on his election.

In conclusion, may we say that the remarkable facility with which we assimilate the multitudinous gems of wisdom with which we are dutifully plied with consummate regularity, is a source of perpetual wonderment to our incredulous mentors.

PERKIN, "The Profit," and LAWRENCE, "The Loss."