Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



School Notes

At the close of every school year there are many things of interest to note and remember.

We said farewell to five teachers during the year, to whom we offer our best wishes, to Miss Rowe, to whom we offer our sincerest felicitations on her marriage, to Miss Hume, who took an interest in many other fields besides mathematics, to Mr. Reeves who left us at Christmas and whose voice will be missed in the Operatic Society, to Miss Grant who joined us at Christmas but left at the summer term, a stay which was "short and sweet," and to Mrs. McGowan whose vitality in the field of sport will be remembered.

To the new members of the Greenhill Staff, to Mr. Bickerstaffe, who has already formed a historical society, and to Mr. Fryer who has ably succeeded Miss Grant, we extend a very warm welcome.

As usual the Scientific Society held its annual quota of lectures, film shows, quizzes, and a "Brains Trust" which was successfully rounded off by its annual social in support of the Society.

The Dramatic Society's second production was the comedy "The Happiest Days of your Life," produced by Mr. Handforth, which was a riotous success. Its fortnightly meetings were addressed by Mr. H. Smith, of the B.B.C., who talked of children's productions, Mr. David Kelsey and Miss Janet Chisholme of the Oldham Repertory Co., who gave interesting and amusing demonstrations of stage make-up, and Miss Bennett, who gave a pre-yiew of "The Waters of Babylon" in favour of the world's refugees. The society held also its annual dance to promote interest (both spiritual and financial) in the society.

The Athletic Society, with Mr. Cox at its head, included in its annual curriculum a trip to the British Empire and Commonwealth Games at Cardiff, a trip, which judging from individual statements, was exhilarating.

The newest Society which has been established only since September is the Film Society. It has already shown three films and looks as if it will be gaining in popularity.

The annual Xmas parties as usual provided an enjoyable break at the end of a long term. Certain members of the ladies' staff gave a "fashion parade." Miss Hume showed the "how not to wear a sack look" and Mrs. Clark the "Debutantes' passing out look," combined with "Witchcraft" by Mrs. Kuler and "Emily Pankhurst" look by Miss Rowe.

In the summer the annual "Battle of the Courts" was waged by staff and pupils (result - your guess is as good as mine!). This was followed by the staff versus pupils cricket match, which was a victory for the pupils (of course).

In swimming several boys represented Oldham in the Lancashire Championships. In the under thirteen age groups the representatives were P. Brown, F. Higgins, M. Clark and P. Hope. In the under fifteen age group they were A. Clark and S. Brierley. A. Clark was a member of the squadron team which came third in the championships final. The following boys gained their life-saving awards : Bronze Medallion - F. Nunn, M. McHugh, F. Holden, R. Smith, G. Gordon and J. Wood. N. Wright received an award of merit.

At Easter Mr. and Mrs. Pilling took a party of Can-can enthusiasts to see the sights of Paris. Needless to say this was a great success, and a holiday which we hope will be repeated in the future.

The school party went to Castleshaw Camp as in previous years, the girls going first followed by the boys in the second week of the Wakes holiday.

Mr. Wells was extremely busy during this year. The three annual expeditions to York and Knaresborough, the Lake District and Ingleton and District, with the third, fourth and fifth forms respectively again took place at various times.  About fifty members of the Upper School visited the International Exhibition of Modern Textile Machinery held at Belle Vue in October of this year. Members of the Geography Sixth attended a lecture on Agricultural Geography and Scientists in the Sixth Form formed the audience at a lecture on Iron and Steel delivered by Mr. W. A. Gibspn-Martin. He afterwards expressed the opinion that the standard of questioning was well above the average of schools he had previously visited.

During the summer Mrs. Pilling and Miss Rowe organised an outing to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, a trip which has never taken place before, and which was thoroughly enjoyable. Several trips to Opera at Manchester including "Carmen," "Aida" and "The Mikado" were organised by Mrs. Pilling, who also took a party to a Halle concert at Belle Vue. This November, Mrs. Pilling also took a selected number of pupils to a concert of Elizabethan songs, very well performed by four professional singers.

The annual continental trip was, this year, to Switzerland, but it was restricted to members of the middle and upper school. It was a holiday which all enjoyed and many, for whom it was their first trip abroad, will be encouraged to go with the next trip.

At the end of the year Mr. Higson awarded colours to members of the school who were outstanding in the field of sport or athletics. Unfortunately, no colours were awarded to girls this year. They were awarded to Ralphs and Mackenzie for their part in the cross-country running, to Wright Platt for outstanding feats at pole-vaulting, and to Colin Cunnington and Alfred Selby for their proficiency at cricket.

I should like to end on a note of congratulation to Mrs. McGowan on the birth of her daughter, Ann.