Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



Form 4L Report


Our form consists of twenty-four girls and five boys (which is not fair on the girls).  Our boys tend to be on the literary side, learned in Greek and Latin, apart from Kindon and Dyson, who are more athletic.  Mr. Reeves tries to keep us in order, and make us pay our school fund.  Kerr is the one who answers all the questions, while Dyson makes the witty remarks.  Avril Smith won the P.T. prize for girls last year, and Alan Kindon won the boys' prize.

Marie Otzmann.


Form 4G Report


Down in the Geography Room
There dwell some boys and girls;
They do belong to class 4G
And their story now unfurls.

The boys they are a feeble lot
But they do try their best,
The trouble is they go too far
But 'tis only done in jest.

Such little angels are the girls!
They laugh and cry asunder,
With Jennifer, June and innocent Brenda,
We gaze at them in wonder.

But on the whole we're not so bad
As many don't realise,
But we have our fun and games
Building our sand-pies!

L. Kershaw


Form 5L Report


This year the literary members of the fifth year consist of last year's 4L and four remnants of last year's 5L.  Many of the more athletic of our members exhaust themselves on Saturday mornings kicking, throwing, or hitting with sticks a ball, all for the prestige of the school.  We were also represented in the Dramatic Society's production.

As befits a literary form some of us aspire to read Homer in the original while the rest must content ourselves with Chapman.  For lighter moments we have "A Groat's Worth of Whitworth."  Fortunately we have the Deane with the Clark to defend the liberties of the Burgess, a couple of Taylors and Mills to look to our creature comforts, undoubtedly a Coupe, and for nature-lovers, northward and Southworth, we have Heath and Marland. Multum in parvo.


Form 5G Report


This school year we in 5G are doomed to success or failure - the reason - "School Cert."

We have in our form, however, three old hands who have returned to the Fifth - Morris, Ivell and Dowd.  Otherwise the form is the same as that of last year, except for one or two who have "had enough" and left.  We consist of ten girls and ten boys.

The assets of the girls are quite widely spread.  We boast three members of the School Choir and several members of the Scripture Union.  Pat Marsh is the only member amongst the girls who plays on the School Hockey Team.  Good old Pat!

The boys, apart from crooning the latest hit songs (the girls sometimes do) have quite a few members on the various school teams.  Clegg, Salisbury, Jones and Payne have turned out regularly for all the school football teams and are now in the 1st XI.  Morris and Dowd are exceptionally good at swimming, whilst Crumpton is a member of Royton Harriers and concentrates on athletics.

Our Form Master is Mr. Martin, but except for Yates we do not have him as a teacher.  He is always interested in the Form's progress and one or two of us are lucky to be in his house.
Our Form motto is: "ROLL ON JULY, 1958!"