Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



The Scripture Union Report

Treasurer: A. Kerr.
Organising Secretary: D. Berryman.
Secretary: J. Lloyd.
Recording Secretary: B. J. Schofield.


The membership roll increased suddenly at the  beginning of the Christmas Term 1956, when many first-formers joined us.   Unfortunately,at Christmas, Miss Pomfret, who had been a great driving force since she entered the school, left us.  She had just seen one of the most successful terms of the Scripture Union so far.  After Christmas, however, the S.U. continued with a varied pattern of weekly meetings.  Separate senior and junior meetings were now in full swing.  During the 1956-7 year, the outstanding speakers have been Miss Carney (Travelling Secretary), Mr. B. Burbridge, Rev. J. F. Mockford, Rev. H. Kirkman and two members of the staff, namely Mr. Handforth and Mr. Wells.


Athletic Society

President: Mr. Higson.
Chairman: Mr. Cox.
Vice-Chairman: Miss Smethurst.
Treasurer: D. Morris.
Secretary: M. McKenzie.

Boys: J. Crumpton, P. Haughton, E. Holt.
Girls: C. Grimsditch, P. Marsh, B. White.
(Membership 40, including officials).


Our society was formed only this term in order to encourage members to attain a higher standard in athletics.  Meetings are held at the field on Friday afternoons after school.  Films, slides and lectures are to be given so that members can study the various styles of established athletics.  It is also hoped to visit various athletic meetings, such as the Empire Games next year at Cardiff, to see recognised athletes personally in action.  Thus we aim to produce athletes who will carry the name of the school to County and National Championships.

Bernard Dowd, Derek Morris, 5G.


Dramatic Society


This term the newly-formed Dramatic Society has attained a certain degree of stability.  A Social Evening was held on September 27th.  This was enjoyed by all those whom "flu" permitted to attend.

The first major production, "She Stoops to Conquer," took place on November 1st and 2nd.

The Society, open to all members of the school, aims not only to produce plays, but also to organise visits to theatres, play readings and other dramatically-flavoured social gatherings.