Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



5L Form Report

Originally we, the Three Musketeers, were going to write a form report including every person in the form; but, after hot words flung across the classroom, it was decided that one half of the class did not wish to be mentioned.

Our form consists of 22 pupils, 7 of whom are boys. In the back corner "Eagle-eyed" Ellis tries to decipher the hieroglyphics on the blackboard, whilst Wrigley, or "Rock 'n Roll Red", takes us "Walking in the Rain".  Next there is Table Tennis Tony (not Tyson, just Dyson).  All the nice girls love a sailor but do they all like Dennis, our future "Sea-Dog"?  There is also "Feeble Feber", the school's strongest man.  Next, Betty dances her way to stardom - straight through the floor.  Then there is Vivacious Veronica, who never splits her infinitives (Wot? French or Latin?).  She is followed by "Diana of the Woods", the original nymph.

Clara, the "Salvationist", converts us all (to what?) and Muscley Mac runs the straight race.  Last and almost least, 'Opeless, Capless, 'Elpless Edgar.

Signed with apologies,



  5G Form Report



N.B.—This report is Cert. X and unfit for pupils under 15    ' years of age.

Our form consists of 12 pupils, 8 girls (?) and we the boys (cheers!).  On entering our classroom you are placed in jeopardy, you might be choked to death by smoke fumes or battered to death by chalk missiles projected from half-opened desk lids.

Morris, or Dido, sits at the side of me (Ivell or Sloss) and makes feeble imitations of the Goons, whilst Dowd (Tweet) sings the Yington song.  Then there is I (Ivan or Sack) who, Sloss says, is an angel in sheep's clothing.  So I reply saying "no angel would be so near to a devil".

Tweet takes an active part in swimming and football, whilst Dido takes an active part in swimming.

We all take part in the fascinating sport of ? ! *.

Our form teacher is Mr. Martin and he tries his best to keep us under control.

Lastly there is the class motto, "Come ye who dare".

If we were you we would not bother reading the girls' report because it will be no good even if they write one.



4L Form Report


Our class is composed of 8 boys and 23 others and we are the most intelligent, intellectual and literary form in the school, modesty being the essence of our success.  Our class is divided into several groups : "The Corney Corner Crooners", "The Rowdy Rugby Remnants" and a few refugees from the "Latics".  A few of us play on school teams, but the more energetic play chess. (Several of the girls have already acquired notches on their hockey sticks).  Our form sports two Crew-cutted Casanovas and also has the long and short of the 4th Form.  By the way, our warder is Magister Reeves, and we hibernate in Room 11.

Pro Bono Publico (For the good (!) of the people).



4S Form Report


Our form consists of would-be scientists, seven girls and nineteen boys.  The latest addition to our form is Peter Haughton.  Our form master is Mr. Petford, who has a job keeping us in order in Room 10.

On the sports side we are represented on the under-fifteen team by Captain Kershaw and his four merry men.  Glenda Fenton plays for the school hockey team while Holden, Gordon and Hilda Silverman swim for the school.  Several members of the form are in the various societies and clubs in the school.  Four of the five chess members are in our form.  Our teacher tells us that we are the noisiest form in the school and lack the intelligence of last year's 4S, but there is a strong disapproval on this point.



4G Form Report

This year our form consists of people from last year's 3A, 3B and 3C.  We are the practical people, those who take Cookery, Needlework and Woodwork.  About half of the girls take Needlework and the others Cookery, but not all the boys take Woodwork, because David Clegg has exerted his right to take Cookery.  Members of the Football Team include David Clegg, Garth Payne, Kenneth Jones and Harold Salisbury, whilst others, for example John Crumpton. have outside interests.  He is a member of Royton Harriers and Athletic Club.  Most of the boys are keen Rugby fans, supporting the victorious Oldham Rugby Football Club, and we are sorry that we are confined to playing Football, although we play Rugby as often as possible in the school yard.

Many of the girls are keen sports enthusiasts, Jacqueline Gartsidc and Pat Marsh playing in the School Hockey and Netball Teams, whilst three of the girls are members of the Scripture Union, and Pauline Millington, Lily Buckley and Doreen Marra sing in the Choir.  The boys, however, are not singers, but on entering the classroom some of them can be heard moaning the latest song hits.  Our form master, Mr. Wells, is a strict disciplinarian but he has his good moods and, while we are rowdy, we are not completely insane.  Our Form Room, the Geography Room, has been newly painted in blue and cream, and this has improved its looks a great deal, whilst maps and pictures add to the attractive appearance.

P.S.—We are not looking forward to the next exams.