Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



3A Form Report


We are very glad to welcome five new members into our form, one of whom came from Shropshire.  At the same time we are very sorry to lose three of our former members of 2A.

Many people are interested in playing in the house teams and many are on them.  Some girls had the opportunity to visit the ballet at Manchester and they enjoyed it very much.  Some members of our form are interested in the Scripture Union and some girls are in the Speech Day Choir.  We are a very happy form and hope to have a happy year together.


  3B Form Report


This term our class consists of 19 girls and 11 boys and our form teacher is Mr. Tempest.  On the whole we are quite an athletic class as three girls are on the junior hockey team, two are on the netball team, two are junior house captains, and four boys are on the football team.  We are also quite musical as some play the piano, one boy plays the piano accordion and four girls are members of the choir.  We are very sorry to say no boys are in it.

About two months ago Miss Turner took a party of girls, some of whom were from our class, to the Festival Ballet at Manchester Palace.  Also four boys and eight girls were among the parties who went to Castleshaw Camp at Oldham Wakes.

We are well represented in out-of-school activities as there are members of the Scientific Society, Scripture Union and the Chess Club.

This completes our form report for 3B this year, and we all hope that next year 3B will be as happy as ours this term.



1A Form Report


We all take a great interest in school activities. For instance we have a few pupils in every society.  In the swimming gala we had two boys and four girls who represented our school.  We all bring a penny on Friday.  We collected a fairly large sum of money for the Hungarian Relief Fund.  Miss Rowe kindly helped us by bringing pictures for our scrap album on the Greeks.

Many of us have personal hobbies,  for instance :   Fred Hollingworth and Gail  Burdock both won prizes for Musical Festivals.    Merle Clough and  Jacqueline Cooke both won medals for ballroom  dancing.    Pauline Bardsley is a promising pupil.

Three of our boys, David Cooke, Paul Fletcher and Douglas Abbott are keen campers.



IB Form Report


When we first come to Greenhill, we were all strangers, but we soon began to find our way around.

Most of the girls like Games, Science and French.  We have Science in the Physics and Chemistry labs, with the boys.

Most of the boys like Science in which they are studying temperatures. Also they like games and woodwork. Most of us like Greenhill very much.


1C Form Report


Our form consists of seventeen girls and nine boys.  Our form mistress is Miss Taylor.  The Games Captain for the girls is Sandra Schofield.  Four of the boys in our form have played on the under-twelves football team for Greenhill.  Both boys and girls are very fond of games; the boys play football and the girls netball.

The boys' favourite lessons are games, reading and science. The girls' favourite lessons are cookery, games and music.  Many of our form members are in the school choir and enjoy singing in it.  Quite a few of the people in our form are interested in stamp collecting and we also have some musicians.

Our charity fund representatives are Sylvia Merritt and Mervyn Whitehead.

We are very happy at Greenhill and know that we will enjoy our future years here.