Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



Form 3A


Form 3A is about the most nerve-racking class in school.  As one enters, one is met by a shower of chalk and a few voices harmonising the "Top Twenty".

Quite a few people of the form are members of various activities in school, e.g. hockey, football and swimming teams are among services rendered by the form.  Although we have lost some of the last 2A we are pleased to see new members with us, and hope they will become accustomd to the ways of our rowdy set of brains.


Form 3B


There are 31 people in 3B.    Our form teacher is Mr. Tempest.

This class is represented in many of the school's activities. J. Gordon and M. McHugh have been chosen to swim on the town team. We wish them much success.


Several girls from our form went to see the ballet at Manchester, with Miss Turner on the 29th October.

Only three of our members went with the party to France.

We  are  glad   to   say  that  everyone  is   responding admirably  to  the Charity Appeal.

On the whole we have settled well in the new term.



2B Form Report


Our form is made up of pupils from 1A, B and C. There are 11 boys and 18 girls in our form and the form master is Mr. Edwards.  Stamp collecting appears to be the main interest among the boys and ice or roller skating among the girls.  However, P. Holderness and F. Smith are successful swimmers, P. Wood plays cricket very well and L. Priest can play football.  We also have some good musicians - L. Kershaw plays the accordion and Catharine Smith the recorder.  M. Otzman is an artist of some renown and fortunately we have a First Aid specialist amongst our number - the well-known Kathie Howard.


1A Form Report


This year's form 1A consists of 28 pupils, 8 of which are boys. The form mistress is Miss Turner, who also takes the form for maths.

Both boys and girls are very keen on games, the boys play football and the girls hockey.

Each of the three houses has a space on the wall on which to stick pictures. As each picture goes up the pupil gains a point for his or her house.

Most of the pupils in the form are liking Greenhill very much indeed. Most of us are liking the teachers and are able to keep up with the work.


Form IB Report



About half the class are interested in stamp-collecting.  Some of them have some very bright colourful stamps, especially George Gray who has a few hundred of these.  In our form there is a Cook and a Kitchen who are both very good friends.  A few of the girls go to dancing class, and music class.  A few of them like ice-skating.  Most of the boys like football and cricket, as is only natural.  A few of the girls like table-tennis as well as netball.  Sheila Pool's hair is curly and all the curls stick up all over her head, so she is nicknamed "Fuzzy".  Patricia Hammet likes making plaster models in rubber moulds.  Peter Garside and David Hall like running very much and. Peter Garside came first for running at the Lifeboys' Sports at Uppermill.  Colin Jackson likes playing the mouth-organ.  He played it in a concert at Northmoor and received a good applause. Only a few of the boys like balsa-modelling.



1C Form Report


1C consists of 14 boys and I5 girls and our form mistress is Miss Taylor.  Our representatives for the Charity Fund are J. Lees, boys, and D. Redfern, girls.  Our form room is No. 3.  Games, geography and maths, are the boys' favourite lessons.  Needlework, gym. and games and maths. are the girls'.