Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham

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Choir Report

  "Music, when soft voices die,
         Vibrates in the memory"

                       P. B. SHELLEY.


Let us review our past year. We continued practising last year, and enjoyed quite a fair success on Speech Night.

At Christmas, some members agreed to go and help to spread the happy Yuletide spirit among the old people who were not able to spend Christmas with friends or relations. Our first visit was to Boundary Park. We sang first of all in one of the Annexe Wards, then we moved into the Psychiatric Ward and then finally we moved into the lounge of the mental ward. We next visited the Claremont Old People's Home. This visit was made in the afternoon, and that night we made our last call. This was to the Salvation Army Home on Waterloo Street.

We were amply rewarded for our visits, not physically, but mentally, by the expressions on the faces of those old people.

We have unfortunately, through illness, lost our Choir Mistress this year, but I am pleased to be able to inform you that she is progressing rapidly, and we wish to extend to Mrs. Morris our thanks for the many ways in which she has helped the choir.

Despite this set-back, we are pressing on under the expert guidance of Mr. Handforth and Mr. Reeves, with the preparations for Speech Night.



Chess Club

The chess club opened with a big disappointment, because Miss Turbefield made known her resignation. Mr. Pendlebury took over at short notice and was ably assisted by Mr. Reeves, Mrs. Kuler, later Mr. Hollos and some members of the chess club. After a few weeks it was finally decided to keep the chess team mainly consisting of : 1. Dyson, A., 2. Travis, 3. Sanderson, 4. Smith, G., 5. Kershaw, A. Res. : Holden, Blackshaw, Kershaw, O.

At the first meeting L. Kershaw and E. Sanderson were appointed secretaries. In the near future the Chess Club hope to hold Knockout Competitions and a Social Evening with a Potato Pie Social.

Will members wishing to join please inform any teacher in the club or L. Kershaw or E. Sanderson.

The club is open every dinner hour, except Friday, and on Wednesday night. All are welcome.


The Table Tennis Club



 President: MR. H. J. MARTIN 
 Secretary and Treasurer:: M. JENNINGS
 Boys' Captain: R. MILLWARD
 Girls' Captain: E. THOMPSON
Miss Best, Mr. K. Petford, M. Jennings, R. Millward, Brenda Flint,
Evelyn Thompson, M. Taylor.


Once more the club list has had to be closed with a full membership of thirty Fifth and Sixth Formers and seven members of staff.

The club meets each dinner-time, and a mixed doubles handicap has just been completed. After many close games the finalists were M. Jennings and Joan Mitchell, who defeated Mr. Petford and J. Wood in a very exciting semi-final, and Grindrod and Pauline Howard, who knocked out J. Slater and Christine Brierley in the other semi-final. In the final M. Jennings and Joan Mitchell won the first game 21-15. but Grindrod and Pauline Howard, who played very steadily throughout, fought back to win the next two games and the final 21-12, 21-13.

A singles handicap has also just started and it is hoped to arrange one or two friendly matches later.
Three new bats have been purchased, including two sponge bats to enable members to get in some practice with them, as they are tending to feature much more in table tennis circles here.