Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



Ex-Students' Association


Hello there !
The year under review has produced much more evidence of activity, marked by considerable success, due mostly to the untiring help and initiative of my Committee.  The Annual Reunion took the more informal line of a "Barn Social" held in the School in January, 1955, and this was a great success, potato pie, modern, olde-tyme and square dancing being enjoyed by quite a large gathering.
Success here led to the organisation of a "Square Dance", Miss Turbefield and Mr. Llewellyn contributing much to the enjoyment by acting as "callers", although the support was not so great as expected.

Members have taken part in several outdoor excursions involving travel by coach and expeditions on foot in places of scenic beauty and interest.  The first was to the Vale of Grasmere, and included a walk via Sour Milk Ghyll to Easedale Tarn.  Not even the least prophecy of the forthcoming dry sunny summer was suggested by the greeting of persistent thick mist and intermittent rain which continued throughout the day.  Streams were full to overflowing, every gully and footpath raced with water as we splashed our way to the tarn, but enjoyment there was in plenty.

Our destination on July 10th was Malham, a charming village in tipper Airedale, and it basked in beautiful warm sunshine the whole time we were there.  Several hours were spent in a ramble which included visits to Gordale Scar with a scramble up the waterfall to reach the moor.  From here, we could enjoy the vast expanse of Malham Moor rising to Fountains Fell and Penygent beyond, with Malham Tarn immediately in front, reflecting the summer sunshine like a wondrous solitaire, rare jewel that it is.  The return to Malham lay by the famous Cove, following the infant River Aire to the village.  The rest of the outing included visits to Grassington, a glorious ride down Wharfedale past Barden Priory and Bolton Abbey and so to Knaresborough for tea.

North Wales was chosen for the final outing and the coach ride involved visits to Llangollen, Capel Curig, Bangor, Caernarvon and Llan-beris Pass, but a walking party dismounted at Llyn Ogwen, clambered up the ridge overlooking Twll Du, the so-called "Devil's Kitchen", and walked over by the Glyders to reach the main road and pick up the coach at Pen-y-Gwryd on its way up from Llanberis to convey us home via Ruthin, Mold and Queensferry.

Those who joined these outings expressed their great enjoyment of them, and it is strongly suggested that as many ex-students as possible will avail themselves of the opportunities for similar excursions in 1956.  A proposed Cricket Match, School XI v. ex-Students, and a cycle ride were less successful either because of inclement weather or insufficient support, and the latter resulted in the closure of a room made available for Table Tennis on one night a week.

I am sure that when those members on National Service and at College and University have completed these matters, the ex-Students' Association will develop into a much more active organisation, worthy of the school of which it forms so important a part. In the meantime, it can benefit much by the loyal support of all members.

Yours sincerely,


Across -   1, Pays.    5, Tener.   6, Laete.    9, Uralt.    10, Erika.    11, Sale.

Down -   2, Anker.    3, Stall.   4, Orme.    7, Atlas.   8, Tafel.   9, Ufer.


1, Cinemascope. 2, Ova. 9 Ax. 10, Elder. 11 Tract. 13 Erse. 14, Aver. 15, Mesa. 16, Seen.
18, Kris. 19, LDS. 20, Elia.' 21, Unto. 24, Rest. 25, Cora. 27, N.E. 28, Ayes. 29, Port.

1, Coexistence. 2, Node. 3, Ever and a day. 4 Mars. 5, Ceramists. 6, Paces.
7, Extravagant. 12, Aves. 17, Eli. 21, Urns. 22, Nee. 23, Otto. 26. R.A.