Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



Form Report - 2B


Form 2B consists of former pupils of IX, Y and Z.  There are nine boys and seventeen girls.  Our form teacher is Mr. K. Wright.

McHugh and Gordon represented Oldham Swimmers for Lancashire at Swinton.  They came in second which is an honour to our form.  We have a few boy members O'f the Chess Club and three played in the school team.  Arlene Chidgey goes to ballet classes and is a promising student who has won a medal.  Sandra Wolstenhulme is going in for her gold medal for amateur ballroom dancing.  We are a very happy and cooperative form. 



Form Report - 2C


This year we are glad to have Mr. Sanderson for our form-master.  Our form consists of fourteen girls and sixteen boys.  Some of the boys are on cricket and football teams and some girls on the netball and rounders teams.  Clegg, Payne and Lomax are on the swimming team.  Allman, Turner, Moxon, Clegg, Jones and Payne are members of the Chess Club.  A few people are in the Scientific Society, and we have many members in the Arts and Crafts Club interested in making lamp-shades, baskets, raffia mats and plastic beach-bags.

Many of our form are musicians, and we have both boys and girls in the choir. Some of the form are interested in cycling and some collect stamps and foreign coins.



Form Report - 3A


We started this new school term with many changes.  Our form members of last year's 2M have mainly split up and the result is that only a few of last year's 2M are left in 3A.

We have ten new members, five from 2G and five from 2B, who we hope will settle down in their new form happily.  Several of our members are in the school choir and also in the Handicraft Club organised by Mrs. Ford, where many useful things have been made such as baskets, lampshades, table-cloths and slippers.

We are very pleased to say one of our schoolfellows, Olive Shaw, has received her hockey girdle and is the only junior member on the senior team.

Last year we had Mr. Reeves as our form master and we are very pleased to say we have him again this term, and now we are all set for a new year in 3A.