Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham




Girls' Games

Tennis and rounders matches were played throughout the summer term but fewer than had been arranged owing to cancellations for various reasons by our opponents.  We were especially disappointed that the Counthill fixture could not be played even though we made several attempts to re-arrange it for mid-week.
The rounders team showed keenness and were not discouraged by setbacks. There was, for instance, the match against Hulme one wet Saturday, when the slippery surface made playing conditions treacherous and exhausting.  To make matters worse, our opponents, owing to a misunderstanding, were expecting to play two teams, so our single junior team gallantly took on both the senior and junior opposing teams one after the other, and although very tired in the second game, lost it by only a narrow margin.  The weakness of the rounders team was mainly in hitting power.  Fielding was of a good standard, but very few rounders were scored from hits, and the team consequently lost all their matches.
Particular mention should he made of the consistently fine tennis played by our leading couple   - J. Marland and B. Shanley - who won all their matches against very keen opposition.  They were loyally supported, but most of the best players in the school were unable to play on Saturday mornings.  Had they done so, many narrow defeats of 5 sets to 4 could have been transformed into victories.
Up to the time of going to press, the hockey team has played three matches this term. The first was against Chadderton and we had quite a good game.  Our second match, against Hulme, was rather more of a massacre than a hockey match, and our defence was almost hacked to pieces by the ferocious opposing forwards in all the "corners" that were taken.  The standard of play in the third match, against Ashton, was not very high on either side. We had some good fun, however, during the course of the game, and we actually scored in the first minute!


Hockey Results:


 Chadderton      6      Greenhill  0
 Hulme  II  14  Greenhill I    1
 Hulme  II  13  Greenhill II  0
 Ashton   3  Greenhill  1