Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



Chess Club

  President :  Mr. HIGSON
  Secretary :  J. LAWTON
  Treasurer :  A. HOLT
At the beginning of the term, Mr. Higson presided over the Annual General Meeting of the club.  The meeting was poorly attended but club members are increasing daily and soon the club will be full.  The younger scholars especially are flocking to the club with great enthusiasm. Many of them cannot play, and are being taught by Mr. Pendlebury, Mr. Reeves and Miss Turbefield.  There is a shortage of older boys with experience of the game.  All members, whether they can play or not, are welcome, but a special welcome is reserved for all previous members who return to the fold.  It is hoped that most of these will have re-joined soon.  They will find many improvements, especially in playing conditions. Now that we are allowed to use the Biology Lab. as a chess room, games can be played in a more peaceful atmosphere than previously, when there were continual disturbances.  Benches and tables are also far more comfortable and practical than desks, and boards no longer slide to the floor in a shower of chessmen.  We are thankful to have the use of this room and grateful to Mr. Petford for his willingness to share it.

We have always been assured of the interest and support of our President, Mr. Higson, but this session we are pleased to receive into our midst two more members of Staff - Mr. Pendlebury and Mr. Reeves, and the interest they have shown and the help they have given have been greatly appreciated.  Any member of the staff is, in fact, welcome to join us at any time.  If you can't play, don't worry.  Hordes of small fry will be eager to instruct, if only for the pleasure of turning the tables, for a change, and teaching the teacher!  But to those who have some knowledge of the game, a word of warning.  Do not be misled by the innocent appearance of some of the younger members, and think you will select an easy victim for a beginning.  Behind the cherubic features of Nutter (Minor) of 1X, for instance, or Dyson of 2B, lurks a determined and ruthless killer - one who will give, and take, no quarter.  So don't expect an indulgent and respectful: "That's all right, sir.  Take it back if you like.  No, I don't mind, sir."  You are more likely to be told sternly: "You touched that piece. You have to move it."

This year the club has joined the Oldham Schools' Chess League and a long list of fixtures has been arranged from October to next April.  There is a shortage of experienced players from which to recruit a team, which is one of the reasons why previous members are urged to re-join without further delay.  The team to date has been drawn from : Lawton, Whiteley, Holloway, Wright, Godfrey, Buckley, Dyson, Nutter (Minor), Sanderson.  They have greatly enjoyed the first two matches, even though they lost 4 games to 1 in each case.  These teams - Hollins and North Manchester Grammar School - were both League Champions last year, one of the Oldham schools and the other of the Manchester Schools, so we are not at all dismayed by having lost to such worthy opponents.  Instead of the usual snack half-way through the evening, North Manchester entertained us to tea first of all (cold meat, bread and butter, jam, chocolate biscuits), then conducted us to the library, where the boards were set out.  Evidently they believe in feeding their victims before leading them to the scaffold !

Chess is a useful game in training powers of concentration and logical thinking, but it is also a fascinating game which gives pleasure to all, whether young or old, male or female, clever or not-so-bright-. It is not the dreary recreation of dreary academics, of some people's imagination.  We at Greenhill, at any rate, get a great deal of fun out of our chess.  So if you want to learn to play this game, or aspire to a position on the team, or simply like to play the game in a happy atmosphere of good fellowship, then



But hurry up. Membership is limited. Club night is Wednesday, but you may also play during the dinner hour every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The Biology Lab. (and Treasurer Holt) await you (and your 6d.) any Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.