Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham




My School Report

You may wonder why I'm ill at ease,
And feeling out of sorts.
This is the day when through the post
Will come our school reports.

Yes, as I thought, it's none too good;
It says, "Lack of concentration !"
When dad comes home there'll be a row
And no friendly conversation.

My head is bowed, I can't sit still;
I dare not make retorts.
My father says he'd be ashamed
To get such had reports !

I go to visit grandma,
She's always very kind.
She strokes my head, says "Come upstairs,
We'll see what we can find."

Some old reports of dad's she finds,
And what a consolation.
Amongst the milder things they say
Is "Lack of concentration!"




The Zoo

In the summer holidays
We all went to the Zoo;
We saw the lions and tigers,
We saw the kangaroo.

We watched the jolly monkeys,
We fed the polar bear;
We saw the funny penguins
Waddling here and there.

We rode upon the. elephant,
We saw the panda, too;
I think the nicest treat I know
Is going to the Zoo!







My first is in shoe but not in sandal,
My second is in knob but not in handle,
My third is in home but not in house,
My fourth is in mice and also in mouse,
My fifth is in weak but not in strong,
My sixth is in short and also in long,
My seventh is in river and also in stream,
My last is in milk but not in cream.




My first is in thought but not in think,
My second is in water but not in ink,
My third is in eagle but not in hawk.
My fourth is in whisper but not in talk,
My fifth is in needle but not in thread,
My sixth is in white but not in red,
My seventh is in mountain and also in hill,
My eighth is in gallon and also in gill,
My ninth is in kilt but not in shirt,
My whole is a place where we all go to work