Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



4Y  -  Form Report

On entering 4Y form-room (ignoring the board-duster which may come flying past your ear and the pump which will probably hit you in the face), your eyes will alight upon 28 grotesque-looking objects each sprawled awkwardly in its desk.  Of these, 11 are male and the remaining 17 female, but it is difficult to distinguish any difference.  Their countenances will be twisted into hideous contortions, some of them plunged into the intriguing intricacies of a tortuous mathematical problem; others into the splendours and tragedies of hand to hand combat.  Firing their weapons with deadly and Satanic aim (chalk, rubbers, rulers, text-books, even a desk-lid now and then) across a gory battlefield (the classroom), they make doubtful specimens of deformed childhood.  Each of them, however, is an expert in some distorted manner.  Even Fisher, whose space-ship is due to land on Mars any day now, the controls being set off accidentally, is a genius in his own right.
Veronica Spencer and Sheila Horrocks were on the town athletic team this year and several girls have represented the school in both netball and hockey.
On the boys' side, Jennings plays for the town soccer team as goalkeeper.  He was accidentally discovered when yawning just as the ball was being kicked into the goal-mouth, thus heroically saving the day.  Bernard Lyons is another member of this team.
Gloria Tetlow came to stay with us for a little while, making her short presence felt by breaking a window of the form-room door.  She has now returned to Middlesex.
The brains of form 4X were recently overpowered in an inter-form netball match by the majority of brawn provided by forms 4Y and 4Z girls.
You may make your exit now, hurried or otherwise (dragged out as a corpse by the feet).
The reader is left to make his own conclusions.

 5X  -  Form Report

We have been assigned to write about our (boasting now) famous form. Do not turn over after reading the first line because, like some members of our form, we have plenty to talk about.  Our first thoughts when we entered Form 5 were of work, and the teachers confirmed them by piling on the homework.  The girls eagerly tackled the work but we are still wondering why the boys so often revert to 1st Form habits. 
We feel quite at home in our form-room now we have put right the wrong and got used to working midst the sweet voices of the school choir and of rag merchants chanting their ever-famous "Any old rags."  We will, however, be very sorry when next year we have to leave this pleasant environment and explore the big wide world.  Our individual efforts do not amount to much this year for none of the girls has done anything outstanding apart from Mary Mulholland, who has gained her green girdle for being on the school hockey team.

5Y  -  Form Report

This school year we have the horrible experience of sitting for the School Certificate, and from the first week of the Autumn Term we have worked like Trojans.  A few are just concentrating on the subjects at which they are at their best, and others are trying at every subject, with the faint hope that they will just scrape through.

Apart from work there are the sports, and one of our girls, Jean Wolfenden, is on the hockey first XI, and though we have played and lost three matches it is through no fault of hers.  We also have a group which plays table tennis in certain dinner-hours, and though they are only amateurs they are very good.  Also there are two or three of the boys on the football and rugby teams.

Although we are all working hard, we still manage to be one of the worst forms in the school.  We have quite a few famous characters -  Murphy, who manages to push his nose in just before assembly each morning, and Lang, who answers all the class questions and secretly hopes that everyone will forget that he has had all this before.  Then come the "Terrible Twins" - Eileen Barrow and Barbara Corfield - and with all truthfulness we can say that we have never seen one without the other.

Last, but not least, we have an ex-ballerina and a soloist in the school choir. This person is Norma Timms, and though she is not outstandingly clever at lessons, she is quite good at them.

These, and a few more, constitute Form 5Y and we hope that you have enjoyed our story.