Greenhill Grammar school, Oldham



3Y  -  Form Report

3Y is made up of three forms from the second year.  These are 2G, 2B, 2M.  Of these, half are boys and half are girls.  Our form room is Room 11 and our form mistress is Miss Turbefield.
Recently we have been joined by two new pupils.  They are Joan Herd and John Wood.  It is to be noted that Wood was swimming champion of Nottingham Schools.  Many of our teachers call us a set of slackers, and pirates, rebels and rowdy boys and girls, but others say we are not so bad.  We have much fun in Geography and French, but we loathe Maths.

On the sporting side we are represented by :  -  
        Chess:    N. H. WRIGHT, N. GODFREY.   
        Football:  We have promising players in our form.    Wood is
                a good centre-half and Mortin a good goalkeeper.


3Z  -  Form Report

Ours is a small but merry class. It consists of twenty pupils, 11 girls and 9 boys.
The life and soul of our class is Patsy, who is a real comic.  Practically every one of us enjoys sports and swimming of some form.  There are a few boys in the soccer team, and I hope there will be one or two of the girls representing the school at rietball.
Amongst us we have an animal lover (Gordon Mills - nicknamed Nat), a few stamp collectors, and a few cyclists.
Most of the girls are eagerly looking forward to the Christmas Party, and the swimming enthusiasts are looking forward to the House Galas.
I regret not being able to tell you who is top in our form, but as we have had no examinations since we came into 3Z, that will have to wait until next time.


 4X  -  Form Report

We feel very honoured in being asked lo write for the school magazine.


In our form we have nine boys and twenty girls and our form mistress is Miss Turner.  We feel the first thing we ought to do is to welcome the return of Tom Whiteley from New Zealand.  We also have a new member in the form from 3Y.  We congratulate Ivan Hibbert on taking the first position in the class, in the end-of-term examinations.


Two of our girls, Avis Bolton and Vivien Brooks, sang at the Parents' Meetings, which were held last term.

Many members of our form take part in sports, Jeffrey Lawton being the captain of the 4th year rugby, and Robert Millward captain of the 3rd year rugby.  Many of our form, both boys and girls, take part in the swimming galas.  The school has hockey and netball teams for girls, whilst there are rugby and football teams for boys.  We should like to congratulate any members of our form who have taken a position on any of the teams.

We hope that in the future our form will always try to do its best, both in sport and lessons, as it has done in the past.